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21.1 Properties of Ocean Water

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Katelynn Dorn

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of 21.1 Properties of Ocean Water

Color of Ocean Water
blue- absorbs all wavelengths except blue
sparkly- all light waves reflected
green/brown- rocks particles and marine organisms suspended
black- no light
Composition of Ocean Water
400 bil. kg dissolved solids
gases- atmosphere, volcanoes
nitrogen, oxygen, CO2
dissolve better in cold water
96.5 water
chlorine, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium
trace elements- gold, zinc, phosphorus
Salinity of Ocean Water
salt- 78% of ocean's solids
salinity- grams of dissolved solid in 1 kg ocean water
tropical waters have higher salinity- evaporation
avg. salinity- 34.7%
Red Sea- 38%
Baltic Sea- 20%
Density of Ocean Water
D = m/v
water's density is usually 1 g/cm cubed
salinity and temp.
Temperature of Ocean Water
infrared waves are absorbed at surface of water to heat it
water is warmest above 400 m
water temp. drops drastically below 500 m
surface temp.
high at equator
less than -2 degrees in polar oceans (pack ice)
thermocline- zone of rapid temperature drop
less dense warm water on top cannot mix easily with cold water on bottom
water can drop over 20 degrees in about 100 m
thermoclines present in most lakes too
21.1 Properties of Ocean Water
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