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Michael Perez

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Big HERO 6 STORY ELEMENTS

The Conflict is the main problem or battle of the story. The Conflict of big hero 6 is that Professor Callaghan wants to destory Krei Industries because Krei's teleportation machine caused Callaghan's daughter to be trapped in the machine, but the big hero 6 crew stopped him and this ended in a battle between to the two.
Setting: Sanfransokyo

Situation/Climate: Hiro pretends as if he knows nothing in bot fights and loses his first on purpose oly to try in the next fight and win double the cash.

Characters: Hiro Hamada, Tadashi Hamada, Mr Krei, Fred, Wasabi, Honeylemon, GoGo, Aunt Cass, Professor Callaghan
The Protagonist is the savior or good guy of a story. The Antagonist is villain or bad guy of a story.
Hiro Hamada and his crew
Professor Callaghan
Rising Action
Hiro discovers that someone is duplicating his mircobots.
The Big Hero 6 crew discovers that the man behind the mask is Professor Callaghan.
The Big Hero 6 crew battles Professor Callaghan as Callaghan tries to destroy Krei Towers.
Protagonist vs Antagonist
The climax in a story is the most exciting part of that story.
The climax of Big hero 6 is when the big hero 6 crew battles professor callaghan in order to protect krei industries and to prevent callghan from wrecking havoc all over Sanfransokoyo.
Falling Action
The falling Action of a story occurs after the climax of the story happens.
The Resolution is the solution to a problem in a story.
The Resolution in Big Hero 6 occurs after Baymax sacrafices himself for hiro so they both dont die in the portal but after this, hiro finds baymax's chip and makes a new baymax.
The theme of a story is the moral or what the message of the story is.
The Theme of Big Hero 6 is Violence is not the answer. This is because when hiro discover that professor callaghan was the reason for the death of Tadashi ( Hiro's Brother) he feels the need to kill Callaghan. But his friends incourage him to not do this and it worked out well.
Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoyed! Ok thats it Bye!
The rising action is when the story becomes more exciting.
Title/Author of movie
The author of my move is Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau
The title of of my movie is Big Hero 6.
The Falling action in Big Hero 6 is when Professor Callaghan gets arrested and goes to jail, but also after abigail is saved and goes to the hospital This causes the big hero 6 crew to become public unknown heros.
The exposition is background information on a stor or movie given by the author.
Human vs. Human
Final Battle:
Trailer 1:
Hiro's bot fight:
New baymax is made:
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