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C.S.P.E Underdevelopment

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of C.S.P.E Underdevelopment

C.S.P.E Underdevelopment
Aim: Begin to understand the unequal world in which we live
Objective: Have used your thinking and communication skills.
Development Aid
It is very clear that in the world today that some countries are at different stages on the road to development. While some are very advanced, others are underdeveloped. These countries are known as developing countries or Third World countries because they still have some way to go.

Countries that are wealthy have a responsibility to aid countries that are still developing. Many countries pledge or promise to give a percentage of their budget to these developing countries. That's not all: organisations outside of the government, called Non governmental organisations (NGO's) have been set up to try and provide aid to these countries.
Recap Questions
1. Expalin the term "development".
2. Who grants planning permission?
3. Why is An Bord Pleanala an important body?
4. What does a local councillor do?
5. What is a summit?
6. Name an MDG.
7. What is a "developing country"?
8. Name two organisations that work in developing countries.
Global Development
All over the world, governments, organisations, and individuals are planning developments. Some are for small changes, while others have a global impact.
In the year 2000 when the new millenium began, the United Nations countries drew up development plans for the world.
There were 8 of them
Goal 1 To end extreme poverty and hunger.
Goal 2 To achieve primary education for all children
Goal 3 To promote equality between men and women
Goal 4 To reduce the number of babies and children dying
Goal 5 To improve the health of mothers
Goal 6 To fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Goal 7 To make the environment sustainable
Goal 8 To develop a world wide partnership for development
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