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Carly and Brayden

No description

Angela Altazan

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Carly and Brayden

Wilma Rudolf- She suffered from polio and pneumonia. Also her family had to massage her feet 4 times a day.
Michael Oher- Was poor and had troubled parents and had to go to 11 different schools.
Bethany Hamilton- was attacked by a shark at the age of 13.
Jesse Owens- Had experienced racism while a student at Ohio State.
Tom Dempsey- He was born without toes on his right foot and no fingers on his right hand.
about Michael Oher
Michael Oher is a good football athlete. He plays football well and gets offers from many scholarships. I have evidence from the text"bio true story Michael Oher."That says Oher experienced great success in 2004"..."He also excepted a scholarship offer from the University of Mississippi after receiving offers from Tennessee,LSU,Alabama and NC State,among others."
Opinion about Wilima Rudolph
Wilima had a rough life because she was born prematurely and was diagnosed with two types of diseases. My official opinion is that Wilma struggled because of her diseases. My evidence is, "She was born prematurely" But also it says," She developed pneumonia" Her second disease she developed was "polio as a child"
Carly Smith Brayden Paille
Simon Keith- A soccer player that had a heart transplant when he was young.
Sports are a good
for your mind.
"Play not only exercises our bodies but it also exercises our minds"
Both broke several barriers
She had pneumonia
Wilma Rudolph
Michael Oher
Little doubt about sports
"Weather its football or golf, there's little doubt about the value of sports.
We learn skills that we can use
for other things we learn from
"The skills we learn playing can be applied to school and work."
Few people have the talent to become a professional athlete
" And very few people have what it takes to be a professional athlete."
She had Polio
Was born prematurely
She lost every race
crack cocaine addicted mother
jailed father that was murded
Attended 11 different schools
Both were successful
Professional athletes
Competed in
professional sports
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