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Moonpig strategy and roadmap

10th August 2015

Jane Honey

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Moonpig strategy and roadmap

A Moonpig roadmap
Jane Honey
Award-winning digital leader - 15 years best in class digital delivery, strategy and innovation in multiple industries

Flagship global branded environments at scale

Journalist/content pedigree
Moonpig Strategy + Roadmap
Relevant experience
Towards a roadmap
Overall aim
by Jane Honey
Towards a roadmap

Overall aim and principles
My approach: 4 steps to a strategy
Creating a roadmap
Moonpig roadmap and first thoughts
4 steps to a strategy
- what is the business vision, objectives and brand idea
current plans
- what's on the roadmap, what are our biggest challenges?
- competitor landscape, relevant case studies, cross industry learnings, trends analysis
3. How will we get there?
4. How will we measure progress?
Measurement framework
Targets and timeframes
Team/personal objectives

15 years product management experience
within Waterfall and Agile environments - all aspects from concept development, requirements definition, UX and design, delivery and evaluation
Delivery across all formats
including online, mweb, app, email, social
Developed a variety of testing capabilities
, such as prototyping, ghetto and MVT testing, to ascertain customer need and iterate rapidly

Create alignment and buy-in
Build confidence in the set path
Be ambitious, visionary
Drive into detail + turn strategy into action
Create an environment that can adapt to change + deal with setbacks
Where are we
Where are we
How will we
get there?
How will we
1. Where are we now?
Not a solo mission or activity
Product strategy core to organisation strategy
Test and Learn framework to provide evidence + shortcuts, mitigate risk
Focus on sense of a journey, vision and persistence; rather than a complete 5-year plan (it took 51 attempts to build Angry Birds)
All tactical activity needs to support defined vision

- what's working well, what's not?
- who are our target audiences, how is the brand performing, what are our competitors doing well?
- what teams, talent and skills do have?
- what are our ways of working, what change is required?
tools and technologies
- what platforms, software and data strategy do we have? how well are we set up for the future?
2. Where are we heading?
Define business cases, size opportunities
Create roadmap, define what it takes, dependencies and risks
Identify innovation activity - next generation products + touchpoints, adjacent markets, new territories and technologies
Prioritising ideas
Creating a path
Towards a roadmap
Plotting the path
First thoughts
back end (eg payment, fulfillment, security)
people + processes (eg team, release schedule, backlog prioritisation, ease of change, test and learn capability)
front end (customer experience, design principles, brand reputation, loyalty and trust, target audience, competitors)
Online customer experience
strong, appealing branding
simple, intuitive customer journey, particularly checkout process
positive gains to be made in photo upload/personalisation areas/ browse pages + filtering options/ navigation
enhance relevance via recommendations, personalised content areas, upsell/cross-sell activity
boost content + social proof
old site/new site?
App (iOS) customer experience
clean, uncluttered, very intuitive interface
some synergy between apps and online (dispatch info, not basket, signatures)
checkout/personalisation could be even more streamlined
add search + enhanced filtering functionality, broaden range
opportunity to improve journey through relevance - recommendations, personalised content areas, upsell/cross-sell activity
boost content and social proof
recommend a strategy and path
business as usual mentality to reduce impact of change on business, team and customers
fast timescales, not reinventing the wheel
test + learn framework
team activity + ownership
thank you
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