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on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Minnisota

Fun Facts
*The mall in Bloomington, Minnesota is size of 78 football fields.
Minnesota State house
Political Location

The governor is Mark Dayton.
There are 2 State Representatives. There are 2 U.S Senators. There are 87 counties.
Minnesota Corn Growers association
Economic Location
Red lake
Geographic Location
Soudan iron Mine
Historic Location
The mall of America
Fun Location
*St.Paul To Franklin MN= 110 miles
Road Distance

By:Charlie Denlinger
*Charlie lived in Minnesota for 3 years.
* Population is 5,379,139
*International falls is considered one of the coldest
places in the USA
*Many Scandinavians settled in Minnesota
*State flower:Pink and white lady flower.........................
state fish:walleye..................................................................
*Pro football team: Minnesota Vikings.......................
*Abbriviation MN
The Capital is St.Paul.
The state house is gigantic. It is about as big as the white house. It is about the size of 4 football fields. The population is 5,379,139
This association started by one little family. It was passed down from many family's. This association takes place in St.Paul. The association starts to plant in the Spring. The high paying jobs in Minnesota is in the winter snow plowing. And in the summer is picking crops. Minnesota has lots of other high paying jobs but these are the natural ones. Minnesota has lots of working jobs to.
The Minnesota Red Lake covers 288,800 acres. Minnesota is nicknamed the The State Of 12,000 lakes. All of Minnesota's lakes covers more acres then California, Florida, and Hawaii Combined!!!!!! And also more then all of there shorelines combined.
The Red Lake is the biggest lake in Minnesota. Red lake operates schools by the Bay. Red lake has it's own city. Red lake has wedding services on boats.
The Soudan Iron Mine is the Richest iron mine in Minnesota. In the 19th Century, they found this mine while looking for gold. Its now a Iron examining laboratory. It is a historic location because people mined there century's ago. The history of Minnesota is that there were more scandanavians that settled in Minnesota then anywhere else. In 1763 french men went to Minnesota and were the first French men to reach Minnesota. Minnesota became American land in 1803. Thomas Jefferson bought MN from the French leader.
The Mall Of America is as big as 79 football fields combined. There is a ferris wheel inside. There is also an amuesment park inside. When I lived in Minnesota, I would go there about every day.
Elevation Map
Geographic Map
Political map
precipatation map
*Franklin to Red Lake Falls MN= 284 miles.
*Red Lake Falls to Soudan iron mine=254 miles
*Soudan Iron mine to The mall of America=254 miles
*Total Miles=1,805 miles
*Mall of America to WCE=903 miles
Thanks for paying attention
*State tree: Norway pine....................................................
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