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Science Fair Project

No description

Cristal Valencia

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

- Cristal Valencia Science Fair Project Abstract: Hypothesis: Materials: Purpose: Procedures: Variables: Does an ice melt faster in air or water? I think that the ice cube will melt faster in water, I think this is going to happen because I think the water with water will make it melt.
I’m doing this project because I want to know where will an ice cube really melt faster and why does it melt faster there, either water or air.
(All of the materials will be doubled so they could be used for a 3rd trial.)
(6) ice cubes
(3) cups with water
(blue) coloring food
(3) plates, or container to place the ice cubes. (May use plastic or glass)
I will first put water with blue coloring food in the container to make the ice cubes, . Then I will leave the plate with the ice cube in a table until the ice is completely melt as well as for the ice cube in the cup. The only difference is that the cube as drops on the cup. I will be timing both of the ice cubes and I will write down how much time it took for it to melt. I will repeat these steps 2 more times. Independent Variable: The time.
Dependent Variable: Air or Water.
Controlled Variable: The ice cubes.
Question: Data: (Tables, Graphs) Conclusions: Pictures:
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