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No description

Andrea Nunes

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Travel

By: Manuel Rosales, Andrea Nunes, and Valerie Padron
London Conversions
New York to London: 6 hours
Flight Hours For London
Currency Exchange for London
Time Zones:
Florida to Paris
Paris: 6 hours ahead
Paris Conversion Slides
Time Zones
New York to London
London: 5 hours ahead
United States: $1 = 0.628163 GBP
Flight Hours For Paris
London to Paris: 55 minutes
Currency Exchange for Paris
United States: $1 = 0.781999 EUR
Our country of choice
Italy Conversions
Flight Hours for Italy
Currency Exchange for Italy
Eiffel Tower Trip
Height Of Eiffel Tower: 986 ft (301 m)
Distance From London to Paris:
Miles: 282.48
Km: 454.60
(By train)
Restaurant of choice:
"Le Meurice"
Cost for main dish: GBP 102.5468 to Euros 129.2647
United States: $1 = 0.628163 GBP
The flight distance from Paris to Italy is: 212 miles / 341 km
Flight Depart: 10:30 pm
Arrival Time:9:30 am
The flight time from Paris to Rome is: 55 minutes
Flight Distance: 3,471 miles / 5 586 km
European Adventure
Attraction Visited:
The London Eye
Cost for Entrance: United States $52 to 32.3065 GBP
Day Time Weather: 20°C (68°F)
Time Zones
Paris to Rome
The Time zones are the same
Flight Cost from Paris to Italy
Per Person $148 or 115.746 EUR
Attraction Visited:
Colosseum Special Access Tour
Per Person 95 EUR or 121.526 USD
Cost of Souvenir: Colosseum Globe $21.95 to 17.1521 EUR
Luggage weight back to the U.S: 50 Ibs or 22.6796 Kilograms
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