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Kate Middleton

English Presentation

Christine Dang

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Who is Kate Middleton? Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Date of Birth: January 09, 1982.
Place of Birth: Royal Berkshire Hospital.
Parents: Michael & Carole Middleton

She is the oldest out of three siblings. A sister named Pippa and brother James. Kate was very involved when she was younger. She was captain of the girls field hockey team, first pair for tennis, excelled in cross country, and she still holds a record for high jump. She worked hard and got good grades as a student. Prince William and Kate Middleton met when they were studying at St. Andrews University. They were both studying History of Art and lived in the same residence, St. Salvatore Hall. Did You Know? Kate is the first British monarch wife... - to have graduated from a university. - Lastly lived with a king before marriage. - to showcase her lingerie to public. What Are British Royals Entitle To Do? The Queen - Head of State
goes to official state visits abroad and invites world leaders to Great Britain. - Head of Armed Forces
holds the power on whether the country will go to war and when it will end. Although she does consult the government for advice. - Head of the Church of England
appoints bishops and archbishops on the advice of the Prime Minister. - Government Duties
reads through numerous documents and reports from the government ministers and Commonwealth officials. Some are needed to be signed. - Visits
travels around the country visiting hospitals, schools, factories, other places and organizations. http://projectbritain.com/royal/role.htm 1. No Nicknames
As a royal member she will be no longer be called Kate Middleton, but either Catherine or The Duchess of Cambridge. 2. Eat Until The Queen Eats
Royal etiquette demands that no one starts eating until the Queen does. Also once the Queen finishes everyone has to follow. 3. No Autographs
Royals cannot sign things that are not official because it protects them from forgery. Rules as a Royal 4. No Shellfish
The British family is to be never served shellfish because it could be poisonous. Shellfish can be poisonous in rare cases. http://www.boldsky.com/insync/pulse/2012/royal-things-rules-030011.html - Represent The Queen and the nation in Commonwealth or other countries, at events such as State funerals or national festivities, or through longer visits to strengthen Britain's diplomatic and economic relations.
- Support and encourage the public and charity sectors. Princess Transformation http://www.royal.gov.uk/MonarchUK/HowtheMonarchyworks/TheroleoftheRoyalFamily.aspx Prince William & Katherine Royal Duties Childhood A Royal Love Story The Royal Wedding Westminster Abbey April 29, 2011 Royal Etiquette Lessons 101 Lesson 1: Greeting The Queen Lesson 2: Sitting Lesson 3: Table Manners Lesson 4: Getting In & Out of a Car - keep legs firmly together - sit straight
- may cross ankles
- keep legs glued together
- never cross legs - at cocktail events, keep drink in left hand
- no phones
- leaning over to get food
- never use a fork to "scoop" food - sit first, then swing legs in the car
- swing legs to side and step out
- legs kept together
- if need support, hold on to the top of the car The Future In years to come, Prince William and Catherine will be King and Queen of England. They are a part of the new generation, and it's going to be interesting on how they portray the royal family. Are they going to keep the old fashion rules, or completely change things? Fun Fact: Kate recently announced she was pregnant! Ladies (The Curtsy) Gentleman
- swift bow of the head then once The Queen leaves, bow again
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