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Copy of State of the Downtown

No description

EVa Ennis

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of State of the Downtown

Our Work Is Never Done
2014 State of the Downtown

2014 State of the Downtown
Stewardship of the Downtown
DKI, Effective and Ever Evolving
Strategic Review
Maintaining the Stewardship of Downtown -
Responsibility & Care
Big and Small
Deep Analysis -
Embrace Change
Stakeholder Input - Consensus by Committee
Final Report
DKI becomes The 501 c. 3
Maintaining the current TIF / Two Mil financing structure.
Continue the successful Private/Public partnership model
Maintain and enhance Quality of Life / Sense of Community Initiatives /Programs
Promote and enhance Customer Satisfied Services and Downtown Advocacy
Support Small Business Development
Maintain Downtown as a Clean and Safe environment
LED Lights
Sign Grants 2013-2014
Cupcake Zoo
Sarkozy Bakery
Down Dog Yoga
The Plans
The Forces Changing Downtown

Transportation, Parking, Mobility
Five Year Parking Plan (January 2015)
Parking Lot #9 Reconstruction
Cut Parking Budget $40,000
New Parking Management Contract
"We Are Getting it Done"
DTI - Completing their Vision
Downtown Innovation Program
Combines the Business Incubator Program and Business Recruitment Retention Incentive Program
Emphasis on bringing established businesses to downtown
Still support start-ups
$5,000 - $10,000 grants
Now accepting applications!
Communications and Events
Collaboration with downtown businesses and other nonprofits to develop the 2014 Holiday Campaign
Developed a Strategic Map for Communications and Events Committee
Capital Improvements
Impact of the Great Recession on Downtown
60% Reduction
Trickle Down Impacts
2015 Breakthrough Year
Trends / Demographics
Don't Forget the Millennials, Gen Xers, and Seniors
Prepared for the future - new approaches vs new regulations
Saving TIF: Funding Programs/Projects
Networks Creating Action
Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine
The Exchange Building
Phoenix Properties
KVCC Healthy Living Campus
MDOT Charrette
Why it's different now
A New Attitude
Cooperation / Collaboration / Partnerships
From Maintenance and Holiday Programming,
Foundations - Supporting Our New Mission
City of Kalamazoo - Positive Relationship
Ideas are coming from all levels and sectors
People generating creative solutions

Tudor House Tea & Spice
Lana's Boutique
Thank You to Our Volunteers!
A special thanks to ....
Downtown Demographics
Residential Units = 580+
Employees= 12,400+
The Strategy
Big Data
Optimed Pharmacy
Business Recruitment / Retention
18 New Businesses Since 2012
Peregrine Plaza
A Compelling Vision
ACW Project
PNC Redevelopment
River's Edge / East End
Bates Alley
Orrin B Hayes Expansion
New Flagpoles
13 Total Grants Awarded
Challenges / Changes "They are a coming"
Michael O'Connor
to Arts Council Partnerships,
Teamwork is Evolving
Core Services / Values:
Downtown Experience,
Business Vitality,
Design - Cleanliness - Maintenance,
Well-run Parking System,
Playground Upgrades
Organizational Structure
Sustainable Financial Model
Regional Demographics
Population = 778,106
Cities, Townships, & Villages = 186
Jobs = 353,652
K- 12 School Districts = 66
College Students = 55,143
Core Neighborhoods
Population = 800+
Look Closer
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