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The Evolution of Chewing Gum

By Tejas Bala

t b

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The Evolution of Chewing Gum

History Traced back to the Ancient
Greeks in the year 50 BCE Native Americans chewed sap from spruce
trees and introduced this to pilgrims in the 1600's The first gum produced was in 1848
by John Curtis in Maine In 1869 chicle was introduced
to the gum industry by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna The first successful bubble gum invented
was Dubble Bubble in 1928 by the Fleer Co. Since then numerous types, flavors,
and companies have sprung up and flourished The Evolution of Chewing Gum Manufacturing Gum Starts as sap from a tree,
then mixed with synthetic Bases The mixture is then added with sugar, corn syrup, and vegetable oils Next the flavor is added. The gum is then heated,
stirred, and cooled
Then the gum is formed, wrapped and packaged, into what you buy at stores today Influences on gum Topps Baseball Cards Bazooka Joe Big League Chew Stress Health
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