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The Lion King Monomyth

No description

Matthew Brewer

on 10 December 2016

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Transcript of The Lion King Monomyth

The first stage on Simba's path to becoming a hero consists of four steps:

1. Call to Adventure

2. Refusal to the Call

3. The Mentor Figure

4. Crossing the First Threshold
The Hero's Path: The Lion King Edition
The final stage in Simba's hero's path also consists of four steps:

1. Refusal to Return

2. Magic Flight

3. Crossing the Return Threshold

4. Master of Two Worlds
The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
The Mentor Figure
Crossing the First Threshold
The Road of Trials
Goddess Figure
Atonement with the Father
The Ultimate Boon
The Refusal to Return
The Magic Flight
Crossing the Return Threshhold
Master of Two Worlds
As heir to the throne, Simba receives his call to adventure at birth and thus his journey and adventure to the throne begins.
Simba, feeling guilty and believing that he is responsible for his father's death, follows the instructions given by Scar and runs away from home, refusing his call to be king.
Years later, Rafiki finds Simba, causing him to question who he is at heart and Rafiki asks the young king to go back and face his past.
Simba begins his journey home, which starts with crossing the vast African desert.
On his way home to defeat Scar, Simba returns to the elephant graveyard with Timone, Pumba and Nala and looks over the wasteland that Pride Rock has become. Here, they are forced to evade the hyenas who appear from the shadows.
Simba's second stage of becoming a hero consists of four more steps:

1. The Road of Trials

2. Goddess Figure

3. Atonement with the Father

4. The Ultimate Boon

Nala finds Simba while hunting one day and pleads with him to return and take the throne. She is the first one to present this message to him and ignites the flame fueling his will to return.
Mufasa appears to Simba from the clouds, reminding him that he is the rightful king, and giving Simba the forgiveness he needed for a murder he didn't commit.
Simba fights Scar at Pride Rock and then a great battle erupts between the hyenas and the rest of the animals. This ends in Simba defeating his uncle, leaving him for the hyenas to feast on, and ultimately achieving his lifelong goal of becoming King.
Any doubt Simba has about becoming king is erased as Rafiki signals to him that it is time for him to lead the kingdom.
As Simba strides out onto the crest of Pride Rock, all the kingdom sees that their rightful king has returned and Simba hears his father's voice of approval.
Simba lets out a mighty roar signifying that he is there to stay as the conqueror of evil and the ruler of all the land.
And thus Simba's hero's path comes to a conclusion.

The End

As Simba stands on the ledge at Pride Rock, facing his subjects as his newborn son is presented to the kingdom, the circle of life comes to completion and Simba shows complete and masterful reign over all.

By: Matthew Brewer
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