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No description

Ashley Anderson

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of HPS

Horse Protection Society Salisbury HPS is a place for abandoned, starved, and abused horses to go get back to health and be adopted Site is...
http://horseprotection.org/ What I did... Feed the horses- Go inside their pen and give them their food.

Give them their medication- This can mean putting it in cuts or helping the vets sew them up.

give them a bath- With the water hose

Distribute hay (very hard)

Put horses in their stalls for their food- catch them from the fields.

Clean the feed buckets- 1 by1 with hose

Fill up water tubs- bath tubs you fill up with water hose How i got involved.. My Aunt volunteers there as a main feeder which means you must come every week on the day you are assigned and care for the horses.. without these people there would be no one to care for the horses A little bit about this place.... Ran by 1 woman named Joanie who lives on the property next to the farm All money comes from donations and all work comes from volunteers, no one is payed or forced to do anything There are about 50 horses being cared for on the farm Experiences Meet some of the horses Being chased and hurt by horses Geese and chikens Happy Endings What I learned.. I learned how to care for the horses and work with the medications that had to be put into their food and sometimes apply it to the horse. Show Horse'n around twilight Chieftain She used to wait for us See how big she is Cloud Dancer Rosebud With other large horses We took this picture when we got there But now she is sick and is mean She tried to bite my and many other peoples faces <Broken knee These are just 2 of many adoptions to take place here What I liked about this place.. It was a great place to escape from your life back home and was really relaxing when your not being chased or injured What I didnt like... Besides being hurt I really only didnt like two jobs and they were catching the horses then going inside their pens and feeding them The End Cherub, Anza, Mohave Sierra Second chance kjugjyg
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