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Completing Your SAF

The Supplementary Application Form is an important part of your application if you're applying to any of the Management programs (including Co-op), Co-op International Development Studies, or Paramedicine. Here's how to do it.

UTSC Admissions

on 16 November 2018

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Transcript of Completing Your SAF

Completing Your SAF
Need Help?
What You'll Need for the SAF
U of T JOINid.
This was provided with your acknowledgment email from U of T and is made up of a combination of your last name, first name and/or numbers. You will need to enable your Join ID before completing the SAF (see the Prezi on the Join U of T Portal for details).
The Supplementary Application Form is available on the JOIN U of T website (
), and a part of the Application Status Check
Log in and look for the SAF
Complete it and wait for the confirmation at the end
Answer all the questions as honestly as possible
The SAF must be completed only by the applicant
You can work on your SAF over a few days by saving your answers. But once you've clicked the ‘Submit’ button, you are unable to make any more changes to your responses.
Verify that we've received by checking Application Status Check (this may take up to 5 business days)

And just in case:
Your password to access the SAF is the same as the JOIN U of T website
Technical issues? Try a different browser!
Filling out the SAF
Fill out
the Form
The deadline to submit the Supplementary Application Form (SAF) is
February 1, 2018
. However, we encourage you to submit your SAF as soon as possible for early consideration. The sooner that we receive your SAF, the earlier you will be considered for admission.

If you are applying to Co-op International Development Studies or Management and International Business, you are encouraged to submit your SAF by early December to be considered for the earliest round of interviews. SAFs received for these programs after that time will be considered for subsequent interview rounds.
Know the SAF Deadlines
need to submit a SAF if you've applied to:
Co-op Management
Co-op Management & International Business
Co-op International Development Studies
Double Degree Management & Finance and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream
Co-op Double Degree Management & Finance and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream
Give us a call at (416) 287-7529 or email us at
if you have any questions about your SAF. Please remember to always include your full name and U of T Applicant Number in any correspondence.
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