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Hardware and Software Theft and Prevention

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Chris Loeffler

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Hardware and Software Theft and Prevention

Software and Hardware Theft
And How To Prevent It Software Theft

Theft that occurs when someone steals software media, intentionally erases programs, illegally copies a program, or illegally registers and/or activates a program

make a copy of a movie or game for a friend
make a backup copy of new software you have just purchased
buy one copy of a program and download it onto multiple computers
shoplift software How to Prevent It ensure you have all pertinent data backed up
make sure your work area is secured
mark software with UV pens
make a note of all of the serial numbers of the software you own
enable security so that data is saved even if software is stolen
have insurance on your software
What is it
Types of Common Software Theft Consequences sued by creator of the software
jail time
large fine Hardware Theft What is it The act of stealing computer equipment Types of CommonHardware Theft Stealing monitors
stealing hard drives
stealing desktop computer towers
stealing laptops How to Prevent it Lock facilities housing computer hardware
install security systems
buy cables that lock the computer to a desk or other immovable object
have a real time location system(RTLS) to track your equipment Consequences jail time
large fine
Identity Theft What is it Theft that occurs when your confidential information is stolen, such as credit card info Types of Information Theft credit card
identity theft
driver's license
username and password How to Prevent it never give out personal information on the web
call your bank immediately if you think your cedit card info was stolen and used
encrypt personal data
have usernames and passwords for imortant websites such as your bank account Consequences Jail time
goes on job application as a felony Statistics Technology-related thefts have increased over 2% the last two years In 2009, for every $100 of legitimate programming sold, there were $75 of illegitimate programming sold Ten Commandments of Software Use 1. Thou shalt not pirate software
2. Thou shalt not buy software from auction sites
3.Thou shalt not install more software programs onto company computers than the company has licenses to use
4.Thou shalt not buy OEM or Back-up software
5.Thou shalt not buy software being sold as 'academic version' or 'not for resale'
6. Thou shalt not buy software from someone who warns you not to register the software
7. Thou shalt not make proprietary software available on peer-to-peer networks
8.Thou shalt not take softwre owned by your company and install it on your home computer
9. Thou shalt not copy your friend's software
10. Thou shalt report software piracy to SIIA's anti-piracy hotline at (800) 388-7478 or filing a report with SIIA at www.SIIA.net
http://siia.net/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=656&tmpl=component&format=raw&itemid=59 Thanks for listening!
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