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Other Civilizations

No description

Steph Gorges

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Other Civilizations

Other Civilizations Central part of modern Mexico Olmecs Chavin Bantu Oceania Geography 8000 BCE - began agriculture
4000 BCE - grew maize Agriculture Most remembered for large, basalt heads "Rubber People" because of rubber trees Geography Andean region (Andes mountains)
Modern day Peru
Large mountains prevented trade with Mesoamerica Cultivated: beans, peanuts, sweet potatoes Agriculture Chavin civilization: Had specialized labor
Many signs of religious deities
Elite class (shamans who had spiritual connections) and commoners
Organized power - public works projects (temple) Sub-Saharan Africa
Earliest Bantu speakers from modern day Nigeria and Cameroon
Lived by rivers and rainforests Geography Small groups migrated over southern Africa
Used canoes to travel down rivers
Agricultural societies = surplus of food = larger populations vs. forest dwelling Africans.
Even developed iron tools Arrived via watercraft like outrigger canoes Many hunting/gathering economies
Some turned to agriculture around 3000 BCE - but crops that were labor intensive like taro and yams
Societies were ruled by a "chiefdom" - from chief to eldest son to family
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