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By: Logan, Alisha, and Ashley

Ashley Walz

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Fungi

Latin and English name of Kingdom Fungi in Latin is Fungus.
Fungi is in English. Sources:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN8Nvl-P26A&feature=related - Movie
http://www.workershealth.com.au/facts028.html Fungi Coral Fungus Heart Rot Fungus Approximately 1,000,000 species are in this kingdom. Orange Water Fungus Unique characteristics about Fungi: Mushrooms come in different shapes. Here they are the 10 uniquely shaped mushrooms in the world...
Mushrooms, molds and yeast are fungi and majority of the most colorful and unique fungi belong to mushroom. There are two
Kinds of mushroom - the non-poisonous and the poisonous. There are numerous edible mushrooms inasmuch as there are
numerous toxic species. On this particular article you will see the most unique species of mushrooms. Where does Fungus live? Fungi can be found in many different enviroments. Fungi will grow on almost anything. Fungi can be found outside in forests, gardens and even in your own backyard. Some are good to eat, but some are deadly. They can also grow on your feet causing them to become itchy, known as athlete's foot. Some fungi can cause ringworm on the body. Many species are often found on foods in the form of yeasts and molds. They can be found in Europe and many different continents. Czech Wood Fungus 10 MIND Blowing Facts 1. Fungi reproduce by spores.
2. Fungi are not plants.
3. Living things are organized for study into large, basic groups called kingdoms.
4. Fungi were listed in the Plant Kingdom for many years.
5. Then scientists learned that fungi show a closer relation to animals, but are unique and separate life forms.
6. The part of the fungus that we see is only the “fruit” of the organism.
7. Most fungi build their cell walls out of chitin.
8. Fungi do not have stomachs.
9. Some are decomposers living on dead organic material like leaves.
10. People eat mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors. Tiny Yellow Fungi Concave Czech Fungi Violet Pouch Fungi Bracket Fungi Fungi get their food by either absorbing it, or breaking it down (decomposer) How do fungi eat? How do fungi breathe? They don't "breathe" as such, they perform gas exchange by diffusion (like plants). How to Fungi reproduce?
They reproce by spores. How do fungi move? They don't actually move around. Fungi will grow anywhere there is a source of food and continuous moisture. Where do fungi grow Haploporus odorus- threatened Species in this kingdom that are threatened or endangered? Hypocreopsis amplectens- Threatened Pleurotus nebrodensis- Extinct Early fungi were aquatic organisms that branched off from animals, renounced the swimming flagella and evolved to spread their spores in a terrestrial ambient. How did fungi evolve?
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