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Evaluating the Potential for Adaptive Signal Control and Deciding if it's Worth it

Presentation to ITE Idaho Branch January 8, 2013 and ASCE Capital Branch on November 15, 2012

Jim Peters

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Evaluating the Potential for Adaptive Signal Control and Deciding if it's Worth it

Sunday (2/6/11) Time of Day Cycle Length (seconds) What have we learned? NW Adaptive Installations
Bellevue, WA
Redmond, OR
Beaverton, OR
Gresham, OR
Tualatin, OR
Hillsboro, OR
Portland, OR How would you rate the effectiveness of the adaptive system performance? Would you install an adaptive system again? How much maintenance time do you spend per week? Would you recommend adaptive signal control for others? What does adaptive signal control cost? Yes, but....
If the need presented itself
If it is the right place
If maintenance is ok Yes....
with reservations
but it's complex
can't fix everything
Update time of day plans before installing adaptive
Detection is critical
Pick the right corridor and scope of the corridor
Adaptive can't solve everything
Adaptive can perform better in some situations
Determine what you need operationally first NE 8th Street & Bellevue Way 8% Increase in Pedestrian Crossing Opportunities
(7am to 8pm) Consider these questions about your current situation

Will groups of intersections need to operate with the same control?
What are the operational objectives?
What is the best operations in absence of adaptive control? Features of Voyage software
Dynamic max
Preemption recovery methods
Actuated coordination
Repeat phase service
Late pedestrian service Features of Voyage software

Adapt splits - Dynamic phase length
Adapt phase order - Dynamic phase reversal
Adapt cycles - Traffic responsive
Favor mainline - Platoon progression Adaptive Signal Control - Is it Worth it?
Understand your operational objectives
Adaptive is not the right solution everywhere
Seems best suited for unusual conditions
Evaluate your enviroment
Detection and communications are critical
Set expectations for cost and learning curve Superbowl Sunday traffic - who knew? Phase 2 - $7,700/intersection Evaluating the Potential for Adaptive Signal Control and Deciding if it's Worth it 2013 Idaho Project Development Conference My current system doesn't respond to unpredictable traffic conditions I've done all I can with my current signal timings, but it seems like there must be something better I'm procuring a new signal system and I'd like to consider adaptive I don't have time to invest in updating signal timings I like to try out the latest technology, how do I get one of those? More than just requirements.
Don't forget the 'ities
complexity Define a problem? Pick a system first? Challenge is articulating the problem so
you can decide if adaptive control is right How do I decide if Adaptive
Signal Control is right? Result of the Systems Engineering Process: You ask the right questions
1. The ConOps with operational scenarios is a necessary precursor to define the range of expected operating conditions

2. Selection of the most appropriate system can only follow a clear and comprehensive statement of requirements

3. The process improves confidence that you will get what you expect. It helps clarify expectations at both the operations and management levels All systems have trade-offs: Define what your corridor is like
crossing coordination
non-adaptive operation
failure scenarios
preemption and priority I've got a solution! Where's the problem? Super Bowl Sunday (2/6/11) Time of Day Cycle Length (seconds) Superbowl Sunday traffic - who knew? The system shall change timings based on unpredictable events With the problem defined you can define the desired response Here's a possible response... There's no silver bullet Some work better in grids Many may not be compatible with existing central systems Some are more complex Consider the tradeoffs as part of the evaluation process OR More volumes. Increase cycle. Some are easier to maintain Using the Systems Engineering Approach Reduces Risk and Improves Success Rate Why consider an adaptive signal system? Network What it is going to be like AND detector failure
communications failure
controller failure
system failure pipeline
access equity
manage queues
variable Define Concept of Operation and Requirements Concept of Operations Test Requirements Implement Define Your Objectives Operation Failure Scenarios Either approach can work BUT, Identifying the problem first
improves your chances for success Here are our current cycle lengths We're planning transit signal priority Categories from the Model SE Documents Help you go from
"Get it and Regret it"
to "Got it and Want More" What is an adaptive traffic signal? What equipment do I need? A Wide Range of Adaptive Systems Provide Multiple Options Adaptive Systems Respond to Significant Changes in Demand Plan 2 – 110 sec Saturday, May 5th Adaptive Systems Respond to Significant Changes in Demand
Notice the Saturday / Sunday Difference Plan 2 – 110 sec Sunday, May 6th Adaptive Systems Respond to Significant Changes in Demand
Notice the Saturday / Sunday Difference User interface Detectors Communications Central computer Controllers Is it worth it? cost per intersection What do users say about it? How many systems are available? Use Systems Engineering to Define
Your Needs and Requirements Test Railroad Lessons Learned Conclusion Voyage Northwest Signal 3 Types of Coordinated Traffic Signal Control Time of Day
Traffic Responsive
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