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Individual Development (Leadership) Plan

No description

Michael Edgar

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Individual Development (Leadership) Plan

Michael Edgar Individual Development (Leadership) Plan Highly Capable
Individual Exceptional Leader with an Extraordinary Life Strengths SWOT Analysis Leadership Behaviors & Practices Short-term (3 - 6 months) Goals and Time schedule Vision Who I am today Who I want to be Weaknesses Threats Opportunities Relationships
Emotional IQ
Work ethic
Optimism Courage
Positive energy
Appreciation Authenticity
Public Speaking / Storytelling
Experience Creating exceptional Relationships
Being a great leader
Being a difference making person
Being the person that I want to be Myself - Choices, language, authenticity, and accountability.
Focus and Decisiveness - I could do anything if only I knew what it was I wanted to do.
Fear - fear of failure/fear of success.
Secondary - finance, lack of experience, gaps in key skill sets Howell Practices Kouzes & Posner Reflection
Lead by Example
Live in the Present
Create Possibilities
Take Risks
Be Unreasonable
Create Problems
Continuous Learning Images cited from: http://take-action.com/the-leadership-challenge-jim-kouzes/ Experience self-paced learning through books, videos, etc. (ongoing)
Become engaged with Social Venture Partners, Minnesota (ongoing)
Seek and consult with mentor (ongoing)
Seek informal feedback from 3rd parties and act on it (ongoing)
Engage in Toastmasters (2/7/2013)
Declare my commitments to friends and family and ask that they follow up with me to hold me accountable for my commitments (2/16/2013)
Continue MBA courses
Continue working with a new venture startup Mid-term (6 months -2 years) Long-term (2 - 3 years) Complete MBA degree (12/31/2013)
Complete Toastmasters (12/31/2013)
Complete Landmark Education Part III - Leadership & Self Expression (12/31/2013)
Lead a community event to exercise leadership (12/31/2013)
Planning for entrepreneurial venture (3/1/2013 - 12/31/2013)
Re-evaluate IDP and reflect on accomplishments (6/1/2013) •To be passionately engaged in an entrepreneurial venture that creates a life-enriching impact (1/1/2014) I will be an exceptional leader – unstoppable, a contributor, an inspiration, an entrepreneur.
I will be a person that makes a life-enriching difference for those that suffer in this world and one that leaves other people touched, moved, and inspired, so that they, too, find the courage to become leaders.
I believe that making a difference in someone’s life is the only reason to have one.
I will live powerfully and live a life that I love. Core-Values Philosophies Mission Think It!, Act It!, and Become It! To love, be loved, and to leave this place better than you found it People First I’m committed to being a contributor to humanity that fosters economic, social, and ecological prosperity through entrepreneurial action. Helping People Integrity Authenticity Continuous Learning Loving Relationships Life/Work Balance
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