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Western Europe vs. The Byzantine Empire

No description

Christian Patton

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Western Europe vs. The Byzantine Empire

Western Europe vs. The Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire
Prospered for 1,000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire!
The Fallen Western Side of the Roman Empire...
Invaded by Germanic Tribes after the fall of the Roman Empire!
Most people in the fallen west were ROMAN CATHOLIC!
The west settled into Feudalism; a political, social, and economic system that relied on alliances and relationships!
90% of the population were serfs :(
Life was often hard and dangerous
people were very religious
little trade and much danger led to the Manor system
the church was the only source of education during this time!
People in the Byzantine Empire were also Christian...however, they disagreed with the power of the Pope so they created their own denomination, freed from the Catholic Church's control......they called themselves Eastern Orthodox (this IS a Christian denomination!)
The Byzantine Empire was ruled by Emporers....lucky for them they had many great rulers, remember Justinian?
Wonderful time of learning!
Education was very important to the people of the Byzantine Empire
Wonderful works of art and new techniques emerged (mosaics and christian themes)
Saved many works of literature and cultural aspects from the once powerful Roman Empire
The End of the Byzantine Empire....
The Byzantine Empire did eventually fall to invaders from the east.....this group of people were called
Muslims are followers of the monotheistic religion, Islam!
Catholicism is a Christian Denomination
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