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Migrant Workers

Actual copy by Anya Kurup- 8th Grade. AC LA - Barzegar 3rd period.

Anya Kurup

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers
Increased farm activity made soil erode.
Combined with a seven year drought
Turned the land into desert area
Known as the Dust Bowl. (Infoplease)
Conditions faced?
Works Cited
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Watch. N.p., n.d. Web.
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Also called the Depression Era
1.3 million Americans migrated to California (Rural Migration News)
Most were of Anglo-American descent. (Living History Farm)
Tried to find work, freedom, etc (Human Rights Watch)
1930s- Americans (midwest, southwest) migrated California (Rural Migration News)
Labeled 'Okies'-20% from Oklahoma (Living History Farm)
A lot of Mexicans
Modern day- fled home country (Human Rights Watch)
1930's and now
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1930s." Rural
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Anya Kurup
Dangerous and poorly maintained
Necessities (food, water) not provided
No bathroom facilities (Encyclopedia.com)
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Edward L. "Migrant
Labor." Encyclopedia.com.
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