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#mena #arabspring the social network revolutions

the social network revolutions

Dr Teodor Mitew

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of #mena #arabspring the social network revolutions

ubiquitous connectivity
monologic media

dialogic media
dissemination vs dialogue
Legacy media (monologic):
You've got to be silent to be spoken to. Passivity is the logic of this technology.
Richard Senett
no in-built filter
no cost of entry
want to be heard
participation is
mass involvement
scalable openness
fast mobilization
the big picture
"We are all Khaled Said"
Facebook group
started by Google marketing manager for #mena Wael Ghonim, based in Dubai
Free Egypt
the role of social media
the power of individuals
Wael Ghonim
the Egyptian government reacts
the internet is
after weeks of daily protests
President Hosni Mubarak steps down
El-Materi’s house is spacious, and directly above and along the Hammamet public beach. The compound is large and well guarded by government security. It is close to the center of Hammamet, with a view of the fort and the southern part of the town. The house was recently renovated and includes an infinity pool and a terrace of perhaps 50 meters. While the house is done in a modern style (and largely white), there are ancient artifacts everywhere: Roman columns, frescoes and even a lion’s head from which water pours into the pool. El Materi insisted the pieces are real. He hopes to move into his new (and palatial) house in Sidi Bou Said in eight to ten months.
case: #Tunisia
WikiLeaks releases cables on Tunisia confirming extensive and pervasive government corruption
organizes protests for press freedom
won the 2011 Nobel peace prize
17 December 2010

Mohamed Bouazizi - a street vendor - sets himself on fire in Tunis, in protest over the confiscation of his merchandise and harassment by city officials
after less than a month of protests President Ben Ali steps down and flees to Saudi Arabia
Habib Bourguib Avenue in Tunis, Tunisia
"day of rage" - usually Friday after noon prayers
web blocking
stealing passwords (script injection)
erasing Facebook groups
Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt
Al Jazeera journalist
Dima Khatib
Egyptian blogger
Egyptian Google exec
Wael Ghonim
Wael Khalil
the role of social media
the power of individuals
the power of individuals
Khaled Mohamed Saeed
beaten to death on 6 June 2010
'We use
Facebook to schedule
the protests,
Twitter to coordinate
, and
YouTube to tell
the world'
Anonymous Cairo protester
protests start on 26 January 2011
'A Gay Girl In Damascus' blog
attention economy
of the role of social media
thank you
#mena #arabspring
the social network
a network of peripheries
connectivity is power
case: #Egypt
case: #Syria #Yemen
cable excerpt:
mass demonstrations in protest
mode of
Facebook emerges as the
main organizational tool
government reaction
the power of individuals
gruesome images of his horribly tortured body spread online

government claims he 'chocked to death'
the power of individuals
26 year old Egyptian vlogger
posts a video on YouTube and Facebook, calling for mass demonstrations on #January25
the power of individuals
starts a YouTube channel for sharing of citizen videos from the protests
Asmaa's video goes viral
massive demonstration on Tahrir Square, Cairo
25 January
the internet reacts
Facebook group
Vlogging portal
influence networks
twitter/facebook revolution!
internet at best an organizational tool
who is behind this?
think status updates
by design
the net as political space
November 2010

The family’s favorite vacation destination spot is the Maldives Islands…

Nesrine said she loves Disney World, but had put off a trip this year because of H1N1 flu. Nesrine has, for sometime, had Tamiflu nearby (even taking it on trips). Originally it was out of fear of bird flu. She packs it for El Materi too when he travels. Nesrine said she has visited several US cities. El Materi had only been to Illinois recently in connection with the purchase of a plane…

Throughout the evening, El Materi often struck the Ambassador as demanding, vain and difficult. He is clearly aware of his wealth and power, and his actions reflected little finesse.
El Materi has a large tiger (“Pasha”) on his compound, living in a cage. He acquired it when it was a few weeks old. The tiger consumes four chickens a day. (Comment: The situation reminded the Ambassador of Uday Hussein’s lion cage in Baghdad.) El Materi had staff everywhere. There were at least a dozen people, including a butler from Bangladesh and a nanny from South Africa. (NB This is extraordinarily rare in Tunisia, and very expensive.)…
The dinner included perhaps a dozen dishes, including fish, steak, turkey, octopus, fish couscous and much more. The quantity was sufficient for a very large number of guests. Before dinner a wide array of small dishes were served, along with three different juices (including Kiwi juice, not normally available here). After dinner, he served ice cream and frozen yoghurt he brought in by plane from Saint Tropez, along with blueberries and raspberries and fresh fruit and chocolate cake…
on the son of the Tunisian dictator
19 December 2010
14 Jan 2011
protest as fiction, protest as hoax
Tawakkol Karman
January 2011
Tawakkol Karman
her arrest unleashes mass protests
Sultan Al Qassemi
the 'cyber-utopian' impulse
the 'cyber-realist' impulse
the conspiratorial impulse
a network of peripheries
Asmaa Mahfouz vlog on the 18th of January
case: #euromaidan
bridges made of pebbles
long tail
open source
walled gardens
mass involvement
scalable openness
fast mobilization
think immediacy
think logic of aggregates
think open source mode
rapid scale-up
think power of: connectivity, aggregation, long tail
a week later
now defunct [2014]
'Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari'
idealist 2.0
twitter/facebook revolution!
new medium/new message
the role of social media
during the initial stage of protests, some 3,200 tweets were published per hour on November 25 and up to 4,800 per hour on November 30, the day of the first violent police crackdown on protesters
Tetyana Lokot
distributed, yet thoroughly integrated campaign coordination
21 November 2013 - ongoing

@euromaidan @EuroMaydan @EuroMaydan_eng
Euromaidan PR
legacy media are simply overwhelmed
organizationally flat, largely open source distributed decision-making, short OODA loop
the network ecology
the network ecology
follow the events as they unfolded
Dr Teodor Mitew
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