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IDEO Product Development

No description

Katie Raddatz

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of IDEO Product Development

IDEO Product Development
Concurrent Engineering
Art & Engineering
300+ Staff
Multiple Design Centers
2 dozen in each
Lead one group or Work in mutiple
Email or bike between centers
No dress code
No titles or organizational structure
Rapid and Extensive Prototyping


Messy Organization
Frequent Client Meetings

Show & Tell
Tech Box
Project Brainstorming
Small groups - 8 people
single topic
take turns to allow free flow ideas
one conversation at a time
Quantity vs. Quality
5 Phases
Danielle Schulz, Patrick Finn, Kate Raddatz
3 Rs
"Enlightened Trial & Error"
Never go to a client meeting without a prototype.

Understand, research and observe all things related to product
Visualize/realize product through 3D
Evaluate and refine prototypes through testing
Complete design and verify product success
Implement the design and transition to the manufacturing line
IDEO's Objective
Not associated with cheap
High Quality
No timeline or budget
Handspring's Objective
Quickly develop a product similar to the Palm V
no need for market research
Position product to compete on cost leadership for the upcoming holiday season
Commit to their design process
Design award winning products that are recognized for their quality and innovation
Palm V (1999)

Palm Pilot (1996)

Apple’s Newton Pad (1990)

Handheld Computer Market

The difference in design objectives
between IDEO and Handspring for the Visor project

Develop a handheld device similar to the Palm V

Key Features
Compatibility with Palm operating system
Springboard slot for insertable cartridges
Slightly smaller and less expensive than Palm V
Powered by AAA batteries

Priced at $150 to target a wider following

Accelerated Design Schedule of 10 months

Handspring's VISOR Project
Core Issue:
Palm V’s Product Development Timeline
(22 months)

Visor’s proposed Product
Development Timeline
(10 months)

How should IDEO proceed with the Visor Project?
3Com Employees
IDEO Designed Palm V

Want IDEO to design
10 month time frame
Competitor to Palm V
Merger of:
David Kelley Design
ID Two headed by Bill Moggridge
Matrix headed by Mike Nuttall

Combined art and engineering to create visually appealing products that were technically functional

Utilizes prototyping from the beginning of the design process
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