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Why use LiveBinders with your students?

This Prezi explains to teachers the benefits of using LiveBinders with students.

Alexandra Caram

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of Why use LiveBinders with your students?

LiveBinders. Why use them with students? A LiveBinder is like a 3-ring binder that holds resources in a centralized location online for your students. You can organize and present the resources as you wish. The best part? It's free and available 24/7! Let's check out an example so you can see what LiveBinders will actually do for you and your students! This is a LiveBinder that was used with a 12th grade American Studies class for a Civil Rights movement unit. Notice the tabs that run across the binder... Let's click the next tab, shall we? You are now in the assignment tab. Here the student assignment is available for your students to reference. There's also... The sub tabs hold content that you want to make available within a tab. In the assignment tab there are sub tabs for presentation options, a calendar of due dates as well as sub tabs available for the submission of student work. sub tabs within each tab! Let's check out the calendar sub tab... Here you can include a calendar with due dates, meetings in the library and more! Wait, was that a Google calendar? Yes! LiveBinders makes it easy to include websites, PDFs, media and text in your binder. This makes it easy to have a tab of great websites and databases for your students! Take a look... Notice that the sub tabs are all websites and databases... Let's investigate.. We've clicked on American Memory. The website is included inside the sub tab! Okay, so far your students have access to assignments, websites and databases... Let's check out what else you can include in your LiveBinder! You can include Flickr images and youtube videos... This LiveBinder has youtube videos that pertain to the Civil Rights movement, like this one... There are also screencasts published using youtube that are used to explain features of LiveBinders for students. Like this one... So there you have it. Assignments, PDFs, websites, databases, calendars, videos and more. All organized by you, for your students, available 24/7. Finally, one of the best parts of LiveBinders is that it is collaborative. You can work on a LiveBinder with another teacher, your librarian :), and best of all, your students! Check out this student resource page.... Students are able to access and add to the LiveBinder, suggesting resources to their peers and you. You can also have students post assignments on the LiveBinder! I look forward to working with you on a LiveBinder in the future!

For help, visit me, Ms. Caram, in the library, call me @ X3333, email caram@school.edu or tweet me @lhslib! To get started, visit livebinders.com! One more thing! You can control access to a LiveBinder, so that they are private and can only be accessed by those to which you give a password. That can include teachers, administrators, students, librarians, and parents!
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