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Copy of IFMSA - General

a few words about IFMSA

Dara Banna

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of IFMSA - General

It's IFMSA !!!!!! this Organization started in 1951 1951 !!!!!! and now there is
2,000,000 members 102 National Member Organizations from
95 countries across six continents our mission is ..... sorry !!!! ^_^ Our mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through our programming and opportunities, we develop culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the trans-national inequalities that shape the health of our planet The main activities of IFMSA are student exchanges and different projects. Around 10 000 medical students each year participate in international medical student exchanges, both professional and academic (research). IFMSA organizes projects, programs, seminars and workshops on areas of public health, medical education, reproductive health and human rights and peace. simply SCOPH is awesome SCOPE is kinda awesome SCOME , SCORE , SCORP , SCORA have their importance too !!! this is what is happening on your mind :D any questions ???? How about this :
- What is SCOPE , SCOME , SCORA , SCOPH , SCOP , SCOHP , SCORP ???? now let's talk about the IFMSA Tree ^_^ 7 second rest ( i know you are getting tired ) first the so called EB ( excutive board ) they run the NMO BTW ... NMO ( National Member Organization they are
1- President
( vice president on internal affairs)
(vice president on external affairs )
4- Treasurer
5-Secretory General then each city have their own smaller president and his vices with standing committees. each standing committee has the following
a national coordinator ( like Mustafa lass is the National Exchange Officer NEO ) sorry guys , some boring
things you need to know The General Assembly elects the Team of Officials (TO) each year. It is composed of the Executive Board (EB), Directors, Liaison Officers and Regional Coordinators. The Executive Board is responsible for the daily management of the Federation and deals with issues such as fundraising, marketing, external relations, finances, administration, development and support to National Member Organisations. There are two types of Directors, Standing Committee Directors and Support Division Directors. Standing Committee Directors are assigned to one field of activities. They coordinate the Standing Committee, which carries out these activities. They give support to national and local officers, prepare the meetings of the Standing Committee and are responsible for development of new activities. Support Division Directors are responsible for general activities, which are important for all other activities. IFMSA has support divisions for projects, publications, training, new technologies (web-related services) and for alumni relations.

Are also elected the Liaison Officers, they maintain the contacts with important external relations and represent IFMSA towards those organizations. The Regional Coordinators are responsible of each of the IFMSA 5 Regions.

The Supervising Council is elected by the General Assembly to evaluate and supervise the work of the IFMSA officials and undertakes actions in case problems arise. and there is two general meetings each year
August meeting ( AM ) and March Meeting ( MM )
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