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Conflict in "The Interlopers"

No description

Kelly D'Angelo

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Conflict in "The Interlopers"

examined through
"The Interlopers"
by: Saki

Essential Question
What is conflict?
Is conflict avoidable or inevitable?
How do we resolve conflict?
Or should we?
Lesson Objectives
Analyze conflict in literature
Identify and correct run-on sentences
Connect informational text to literature
Reinforce understanding of different conflict types
Communicate conclusions through writing

Cut the Conflict
Meet with your designated partner
Send a representative up to get a tennis ball can
In each can, you will find examples of internal and external conflicts from "The Interlopers"
Your job is to place, using glue, the correct example under the correct category
On the bottom row of boxes, you will provide your own example from "The Interlopers" that corresponds to each conflict type
Once you and your partner are confident you have correctly done this, check with me to verify
Each student is to complete an activity
Each box is worth TWO critical thinking points
You have 15 minutes. Go!
Consider the Conflict
* With this activity, we will be practicing written expression of ideas based on our reading and activities
* You will be working individually on this assignment
* Today in class, I will be going over the assignment with you
* This is a great opportunity to ask questions!
*You have approximately 20 minutes to work on and complete the pre-writing portion

A squabble can cause a schism that clashes in collision..

Explored conflict in our own lives and in the world
Examined internal and external conflict
Understood the author's background
Predicted how the author may represent conflict in "The Interlopers"
Read ( and enjoyed) "The Interlopers"

Grammar + Reading = True Love

Yesterday, we...
You will be receiving a handout that is a conflict-free marriage of grammar skills and reading comprehension
Follow the directions on the sheet
For this activity, you will be working independently
20 minutes have been allotted for you to complete this
I will be circulating the room, so raise your hand if you have a question
Have fun
The Top Ten (plus one) Family Feuds
* It is time to check out some other famous family feuds in history
* On your devices, go to
and type in "
Top Ten Family Feuds Time
" and select the first option the search returns
* Individually, you will summarize the feuds that match your designated numbers
* So, if you were given numbers 1 and 2, you will summarize feuds 1 and 2
* Take a moment to get the page open..
The Top Ten (plus one) Family Feuds
*For your two feuds, you will summarize what you have read
*Provide 3 to 5 bullet points of
* You will also summarize the von Gradwitz and Znaeym feuds
* Tomorrow, you will be sharing your information with your group and taking notes on their information
* Then, you will collaborate to come up with your own original ranking, including our friends from "The Interlopers"!
*You have 20 minutes to complete this
Homework is Good Work
* Because I care about you, I am providing you with this opportunity for further enrichment
* This is designed to assess how well you have met today's objectives
*Follow the directions on the assignment carefully
*This will be be due at the beginning of class tomorrow
* Wow! What a great opportunity for you to show off how well you have grasped today's lesson objectives!
* You're welcome!
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