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Quotation mark in the early medieval West

International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 6-9, 2015

Evina Steinova

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of Quotation mark in the early medieval West

Marginal symbols in early medieval manuscripts
Quotation mark in the early medieval West
... different passages marked
Same text...
Ancient quotation mark: diple
Paris Gr. 510, fol. 20r
(9th century, Constantinople)
Quotation marks in Byzantium
Quotation marks in the Latin West before 800
Insular quotation marks
Luxeuil quotation mark
quotation mark
Evina Steinova
Huygens ING/Utrecht University
International Medieval Congress 2015
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
(late 20th century)
Angelo Mai,
Frontonis opera inedita
(early 19th century)
Samuel Richardson,
(first half of the 18th century)
Henri Estienne,
A World of Wonders
(early 17th century)
Flavius Philosthratus,
De vitis Sophistarum
(early 16th century)
Engelberg, MS 22, fol. 7v
Gregory the Great,
Moralia in Iob
(12th century)
Munich, Clm 6305, fol. 96v
In Matthaeum
(late 8th century)
Munich Clm 14653, fols. 2v-3v: Augustine,
Tractatus in Johannem
Munich Clm 14286, fols. 3v-4r: Augustine,
Tractatus in Johannem
Cue words trigger annotator to identify particular passages as quotations
Vienna Pap. 2160, fol. 8v
(6th c., Southern Italy)
Codex Pisanus, fol. 364v
(after 553, Byzantium)
Paris Lat. 12214, fol. 16v (6th c., Italy)
Colmar 49, fol. 4v
(8th/9th c., prov. Murbach)
Munich Clm 6307, fol. 7v
Bern 363, fol. 12r
Kassel fol. theol. 22, fol. 9v
Munich Clm 6300, fol. 12v
Colmar 49, fol. 17v
Paris Lat. 13348, fol. 33v
Munich Clm 14393, fol. 6v
Paris Lat. 12135, fol. 25r
Paris Lat. 2051, fol. 81r
Number of manuscripts containing quotation marks
~ 60%
All regions
before 800
Most common peritextual symbols in Bavaria, 750-900
Higher proportion of manuscripts copied with quotation marks
Munich Clm 14384, fol. 101v
Munich Clm 6276, fol. 23r
Munich Clm 6296, fol. 98r
Substitution of one type of quotation mark by another
Munich Clm 6316
fol. 102v
fol. 107v
Munich Clm 6284
fol. 3v
fol. 8r
fol. 49v
fol. 14v
fol. 141v
Munich Clm 6300
Munich Clm 9543, fol. 9v
Munich Clm 6270a, fol. 8r
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