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Renny I

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of U-Impact

U-Impact: From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact
Launch of U-Impact: Effectiveness of Citizen Participation
Website: http://u-impact.net/
The launch took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 7 April 2015 at the European Parliament.
Various civic groups and students participated at the event.
For more info on the speakers and their presentation: http://u-impact.net/events/the-sofia-conference/
Romania (NACAB): 18 September
Topic: Eu citizens' rights abroad

NACAB will send guideline questions which they will incorporate in their research. The answers will be based on previous projects and national policies. It should be short.
Italy ACN: 16 October
Topic: Improving EU Citizens' Rights in the EU

The event will be a round-tabel debate between the participants, the speakers and the partners . At least 1 MEP must participate (it's ok even through Hangout or a pre-recorded video);
The partners will be from: Belgium, Romania and Spain. They will participate through Google Hangout.
The speakers will be: 3 people residing in Italy with a different nationality;
The audience will be: 75% that participate for the first time and 10% from disadvantaged groups. There will be a participant list and an anonymous list;
At least 40 participants (including the contributors and speakers);
the event will need an embedding code so it can be uploaded onlin and it will be live;
The aim is to:
present the research;
debate the desired policy impact;
draft an actionplan for policy change;
Cyprus (NGO Support Centre): 6 November
Topic: Citizen involvement in the EU

NGOSC will send guideline questions which they will incorporate in their research. The answers will be based on previous projects and national policies. It should be short.
Estonia (Open Estonia Foundation): 4 December
Topic: MEP-citizens

OEF will send guideline questions which they will incorporate in their research. The answers will be based on previous projects and national policies. It should be short.
March 2016
Final Event: 15 March 2016
The final conference and visual exhibition will be in Brussels.
ACN should contribute at least 5 top-quality art contributions.
Research Period
Prepare a research proposal before the event in October.
The research should be on a realistic policy which can be implemented and will have a positive impact on the citizens.
It can be based on something that has already been previously done but it needs something new/with a twist.
Should send guideline questions to the following partners so they can contribute to the research:
Belgium (ECAS): Vera Soldanova vera.soldanova@ecas.org
Romania (NACAB): Elisabeta Dinu elisabeta.dinu@robcc.ro
Spain (FUNDACION CIUDADANIA): Aida Barquero aida.bargre@gmail.com

Draft Reports: 16 November
The draft report will be sent 1 month after the event and it will be on the outputs based on the debates. In other words, 1 draft report on the event and 1 draft report on the action plan for the policy.

It will be incorporated in the Final Report.
improving citizen’s understanding of the new power structure of the Union and the new role of Parliament as well as the opportunities to interact and impact its decision making process;
helping create a sustainable platform for increased pan-European citizen participation;
offering concrete solutions to specific European citizen problems and have them debated with European and national policy makers;
creating an inclusive long lasting network for policy debate and impact involving citizens across borders building on their cultural diversity and promoting the development of a common European public space;
9 countries: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Estonia, Italy, Romania, Spain.
Every country organizes 1 event and participates to 3 partner events through Hangout
Contract: it ends on 4 july 2016 BUT the events will end in March 2016
A short policy research paper with a formulation of a policy initiative in the selected area;
The policy initiative developed for the project;
A short narrative report about the event;
copy of the programme and distributed documents
partecipant list (name, nationality, organization, address and signature);
link to the event
anonymous questionnaire (gender, age);
a copy of the draft action plan;
A short final narrative report at the end of the Project;
a summary on the activities and the implementation of the project.
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