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Emma Brookes

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

By: Emma Brookes, and Sabrina Di Prata Bullying Why people Cyberbully Cyber Cyber Cyberbullying People Cyberbully because: Bullying Pictures Cyber Bullying Their are two different types of cyberbullying.
Their is direct cyberbullying, and indirect cyberbullying. Direct cyberbullying is created by text, email, or other social sites to communicate directly with the victim. Indirect cyberbullying includes using third-party hosted sites such as MySpace and Facebook to post information about the victim. The difference between these two methods of cyberbullying is that with direct cyberbullying it is to cause harm to the victim because the harrasing communications were sent directly to the victim. Whereas in cases of indirect cyberbullying, it is harder to show that the information was sent specifically intended to harm the victim. Direct and Indirect Bullying Cyberbullying is being cruel to others by sending
or posting harmful material using social messaging.

Cyberbullying can include:
- Repeated behavior with intent to harm the victim.
- Harassment
-sending or posting cruel rumors to damage reputation and friendships
- Repeated threats
- Sexual remarks
- Hacking or vandalizing sites about a person
- Disclosing victims personal data (real name, home address, workplace/school)
- Stalking online In Canada - 23% of middle-schoolers have been bullied by E-mail. - 33% have been bullied in chat rooms. - 41% by text messages on their cell phones. - 41% did not know the identity of the perpetrators. How to prevent Cyberbullying - Provide parents and teachers with tools to help them choose what content their children see online. - Offer tips and advice to families about how to stay safe online. - Work closely with organizations such as charities, and others in our industry including government bodies dedicated to protecting young people. - They want revenge - They are frustrated - For entertainment because they are bored and have to much time on their hands - For laughs, and to get a reaction - For their ego - They enjoy being thought of as a tough guy or girl Physical Bullying - To remind people of their social standing What Is Physical Bullying? - They have a problem in their personal life and
take out their anger on some else through social sites Consequences of Cyberbullying The person who is cyberbullying
can be faced with very serious consequences. Many cases of cyberbullying include some form of hacking, password theft, identity theft, or stalking, all of which carry criminal charges. Law enforcement might get involved. These are some of the consequences: - Federal charges - The person cyberbullying could possibly be imprisoned depending on the severity of the bullying. - Major fines - Internet service provider takes away accounts and/or banishment - School suspensions. If it happens at school, disciplinary measures will be determined. Effects for the victim Victims of cyberbullying: - Have low self esteem - Have increased suicidal thoughts Forms Of Physical Bullying - Have a variety of emotional responses - Are scared, angry, frustrated, and depressed - Hitting
-Destroying possessions - Are twice as likely to develop mental disorders - Don't always show up at school - Refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages Signs
Of Physical Bullying Some Signs Of "Physical Bullying" Are........ - Tell friends to stop cyberbullying - Block communication with cyberbullies - Report cyberbullying to a trusted adult - Never post personal information online - Never share your internet passwords with anyone but your parents - Never meet anyone face-to-face who you only know online - Talk to your parents about what you do online •Coming home from school with bruises, cuts, or other unexplained injuries
•Having damaged clothing, books, or possessions
•Often "losing" things that they take to school
•Complaining of frequently not feeling well before school or school activities
•Skipping certain classes
•Wanting to avoid going to school or going to school a certain way, such as taking strange routes home from school or not wanting to ride the bus
•Acting sad or depressed
•Withdrawing from others
•Saying they feel picked on
•Displaying low self esteem
•Mood swings, including anger or sadness
•Wanting to run away
•Trying to take a weapon to school
•Talking about suicide or violence against others - Are affected for the rest of their lives - Cause themselves self harm including cutting yourself, burning yourself, breaking bones with hard objects, and head banging. KAYLEE Hey, what's up:) yeah um don't talk to me Why not:( Cause your a loser I'm not a loser you are short term effects -Difficulty sleeping Quotes Sticks and stones may break my bones but texts and Emails can really hurt me Don't worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine How To Prevent - Physical bullying hurts someone's body or damages their possessions. Example stealing, shoving, and fighting. Physical bullying is rarely the first form of bullying that a target will experience. Often bullying will begin in a different form and progress to physical violence. In physical bullying the main weapon the bully uses is their body. Common Cyberbullying Websites - BBM(Blackberry messenger)
-Instant messaging
-Email ( hotmail,Gmail, Yahoo)
-Texting Apps (From App store) Pictures Physical Bullying Hey ........ U busy this weekend??? ???????? Wanna hang out this weekend? No way Why not??? Cause your a loser,
nobody likes you :( I thought we were friends I'm not friends with losers You should just kill yourself :( JUST DIE ................. Introduction What should have been said..... Hey Hey Hey whats up Nm just wondering if you
wanted to hang out this weekend?? As part of our introduction we have made a Movie Maker on Cyberbullying and Physical Bullying for you. Our Movie Maker is to the song "Stronger." We hope you enjoy!!! Thank you for watching our presentaion. We hope you enjoyed it!!!And remember stop it by not starting it!! Hiding behind a screen doesn't
make it less hateful,
written words have power How To Prevent Physical Bullying Ways you can prevent physical bullying is by.... Talking to an adult that you trust - your parents, a teacher, a counselor, your minister or a family friend - someone who you believe will listen and cares about you. Join a group or even a club. Bullies do not tend to pick on people when others are around them. Bullies tend to bully in areas that are not patrolled by teachers, where there are not a lot of people and places that are off the beaten path. Try to avoid these areas, especially when you are on your own. Why People Physically Bully Some reasons that people physically bully are....... Ok, did you know everyone says you hate me now... Don't listen to them, they just don't have anything better 2 do Alright, so where do you
wanna hang out? I don't know where ever you wanna go is fine with me Sure I have no
other plans Because of family problems at home, they think they can take it out on others Most bullies think that it makes them popular To fit in with others Sometimes it is because the person that they are bullying has bullied them before
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