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The Doll's House By Katherine Mansfield

Short Story Summative Assessment- Advanced Sophomore English, By Melanie Diaz and Chelsea Gonzalez

Melanie Diaz

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of The Doll's House By Katherine Mansfield

Chelsea Gonzalez and Melanie Diaz
The Doll's House
After being given an extraordinary Dollhouse,
Isabel, Kezia, and Lottie Burnell can hardly go to
school fast enough. Once they arrived they couldn't
help but brag about how amazing the house was.
Eventually all the children were able to view the magnificent house except for the Kelveys. The Kelveys
belonged to a lower class which made them unworthy
of interacting with the Burnell's and many other
children. Kezia felt guilty about never inviting Lil and Else to see the dollhouse and went against her aunt's wishes. One evening she invited the Kelveys into her courtyard to observe the house. They were quickly
chased away by Kezia's aunt but not before
viewing the overwhelmingly lovely house.
Else and Lil were extremely moved
by Kezia's act of kindness.

The story "The Doll's House" is set in the 1800s in New Zealand. It was when the British emigrated there, at the time british society was divided along class lines. This determined a persons class and climbing the social class was difficult. People were discriminated for there social class, they were taught to see the low class differently than their class.
The central theme In "The Doll's House," was the
cruelty and discrimination against people
who belonged to lower classes.
The author used the characters in this story to
express the injustice which occurred in this time period. The Kelveys were shunned by their peers and even adults treated them as lesser individuals.
It also suggests that people took pleasure in the
misfortune of others, examples of this are found
through out the story. Such as when the
children teased the Kelveys for fun and
when Kezia's aunt felt quite happy
after verbally abusing the
Kelvey children.


Why does the author address Lil's sister as "our Else"?
Explain the symbolism of the lamp and how it affected Else at the end of the story?
How would the school help
end class discrimination?
What does the paint smell
symbolize and how does it affect the dollhouse?
How did the Kelvey's overhearing the Burnell's converstation effect Kezia to invite them to see the doll
house? Explain.
What evidence from the text does the author use that helps you learn about the setting, time, and place?
Character- Kezia, Lottie, Isabel, Lil, our Else, School girls and Aunt Beryl
New Zealand 1800s
Raising action:
The Burnell children receive the doll house and see the beauty and decide to tell all the girls at school about it.
The Kelveys aren't allowed to be near any of the other girls because of their class
Everyone has seen the dollhouse except for the Kelveys.
How do the Children
reflect their up bring?
Kezia invites the Kelvey sisters to see the doll house as they are walking.
Falling action:
The Kelveys sisters see the doll house and soon after are sent away from the courtyard by aunt Beryl.
After being sent off the Kelveys, stop to rest and smile at each other.
The Kelvey sisters left happy and satisfied.
As our Else saw the lamp she made a special connection with Kezia.
How did it effect the Kelveys when the Burnell children received the doll house?
Closure Lesson
Lamp: Kindness, truth
House: Elite classes
Paint Oder: Stink of cruelty
Kezia: Innocence
School: Melting pot

Write an example of a symbol that was
used in the story and how it may have affected the characters in the text on your sticky note.
Explain the importance of the theme.
"Perhaps it is the way God opens
houses at dead of night when He
is taking a quiet turn with an
angel...." Identify the literary
elements found in the quote
and explain its effect on
the story and what it reveals
to us about the text.
Literary Elements
:"The door, gleaming with yellow warmth, was like a little slab of toffee."
"Perhaps it is the way God opens houses at dead of night when he is taking a quiet turn with an angel."
Parallel Structure
: "It was too marvelous; it was too much for them."
"But the lamp was perfect. It
seemed smile at Kezia, to say, "I live here," the
lamp was real."
, spitefully."
""It's true-it's true- It's true," She said"
: "Nobody had ever
carcely ever
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