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ball pythons

do ball pythons like to eat live mice or frozzen mice more

hannah south

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of ball pythons

why? It has all ways interested me whether ball pythons like live mice or frozen thawed mice more. or whether its healthier or less healthy ? Does it make the ball python more aggressive or not?? Would it harm the snake if the feeder is inexperienced? Is it cheaper? This is why I chose this topic it has always interested me to know whether snakes prefer live mice. my questions some people think that if u feed it live it will make it more aggressive. i would like to find out if this is true. is it more healthy or less health?does a frozen mouse have the same nutrients as a live mouse? and if you aren't experienced with feeding the snake live mice the mouse could harm the snake, is that true? what way is cheaper. purpose of my experiment to know what to feed our ball python. so that its not aggressive and so that it does not get hurt in the feeding proses. also to make sure that it has a healthy diet, and loses no protean. and everyone wants to save money right?? so i would like u know what the cheapest way it. helping the community my experiment mill help other ball python owners by letting them know that frozen or live mice are healthier, safer, or helps maintain aggressive against the feeder/owner . also it would help owners decide what the cheapest way is. hypothesis i think that it depends on the environment and what the ball pythons usual diet consist of. i think if the snakes usual diet is a alive mouse then it will prefer a live mouse over the frozen. i truly believe that our ball python will eat the live one.
i used this website as my background research Materials ball python, small
white mouse and
small frozen
mouse Procedure bought a small mouse then wormed
up the small frozen mouse then put
the snake in the feeding cage then
put the mice in at the same time.
and then after a few mins. he ate
the live one. Results although frozen mice are cheaper the
snake would most likely pick the live one.
they r both healthy for the snake. and it
will not make the snake more aggressive if u
feed it in a separate feeding tank. also
when u freeze a mouse it dose lose some
nutrients. Bibliography http://www.ballpythoncare.net/ball-python-feeding/
http://ball-pythons.net/forums/showthread.php?107015-feeding-live-mice-vs-frozen Conclusions a ball python will pick the live mouse.
this result has supported my hypothesis.
all of this info is just like the info i found
in my research. i think that the snake will
pick live over frozen. i would think its more
like how it is in there habitats in the wild.
there were no problems that impacted
my results. to improve my experiment i
might try to feed it one then the other
and see what one it will pick. in further
study i could read some books from the
locle library about ball pythons. hannah south
jenna jackson BALL PYTHONS
live vs frozen porpose purpose purpose purpose
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