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Market Research 2: Primary Research (DC)

Conducting Primary/Secondary Research online

Mark Grant

on 21 April 2017

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Transcript of Market Research 2: Primary Research (DC)

Market Research 2: Primary Research
Market research examples
When/what information can be collected
Search data
Purchase data
Follow up
Keep a note of Primary and Secondary research opportunities!
VPI (Volunteered Personal Information)
Person becomes a "member"
Volunteers details: age, addresss, phone etc
email to confirm details
Personalisation? = size, brands etc
All info kept in a database
Database searched by category for reports/promotions
This info can be priceless!
Customer purchase data
Login ( probably recorded: time, device etc) Person/place/process
Search/select/basket/purchase (product/price/promotion/ processes)
Comformation email (process)
History updated for customer and organisation.

Follow up to a purchase
Aftersales questionaire
phone/post/text/email (process/price/product/people etc)
Note language, grammar and Q categories/order
Experience/ attitude questions
Plenary Analysis
what is VPI?
Why is VPI so important/valuable to collect?
What primary research data can be collected from customer visiting your site?
Why should a biz monitor processes & Ps?
5 reasons why might Nike email Q?
Any interesting/surprising questions?
What should Nike do with the answers?
Questionnaire design
if you had ten Qs to ask about a customers attitude/ experience for a product or service what would they be?

How would you format the survey?

Groups of 4 to create a 10 Q survey
Survey design
Mixture of formats used
Experience questions & Keeping participant updated
Survey continued
Details about participant
VPI data
After sales follow up
After delivery Feedback requested
Concluding this survey
Data collection
Feedback info
Your reasons for providing feedback
Survey Activity
what questions would you expect to be asked in a Nike customer survey following an online purchase?
5 minutes to come up with a list!
When to collect data
Potential customer requirements
Competitor analysis = what are they doing well/badly?
Technical experts = Their opinions
Design feedback = from users and manufacturers
Legal constraints = Are there legal issues?
Future requirements = What does the future look like?
Return on Investment = Have you spent wisely and got value?
Market research examples
When/What to collect?
VPI (Volunteered Personal Information)
Customer purchase data
Survey Activity
Follow up to a purchase
Concluding this survey
After sales follow up
Questionnaire design
Plenary Analysis
Primary research methods
Focus groups
-is within a group
such as 18-25 year olds
Store/Site visit
Point of Sale
After sales
Other situations

What data to collect?
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