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Obama Care

No description

Vanessa Torres

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Obama Care

Obama Care

Parent's Concerns
Obamacare has contraceptive benefits for families.
This allows kids of 15 years old to own some kind of birth control
Leads to hiding it from parents
Big responsibilities
Some Stats.
Main Points
How it affects jobs
How it disturbs parents
More taxes on users
Why it affects each age group differently.
Around 17 new taxes for users
How is this care more affordable?
People without health insurance get penalized and have to pay a fee for not having one.
Age Groups
Seniors are having difficulties in accessing care
Medicare payment reductions
It is detroying the future for the youth.
Increased premiums for young adults
who uses health care the most?
By: Vanessa Torres
About Obamacare
Unofficial name for the Affordable Care Act
Signed into law by Obama to make health care more "affordable" and have easier access.
Firms with more than 50 full-time employees are required to provide health coverage
This type of care is forced on employees and many of them can not afford it.
Makes them quit.
Think about it
We need to take action
How is obamacare helping its users?
Consequences of your near future
Disturbing its users and changing future users minds
HSA : health savings account
FSA: flexible spending account
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