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Brian Tickler

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Gamification

Click the ? if you are lost... The Secrets of Gamification ? Components Dynamics Gamification defined: The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts Gaming Whole Parts (Gamification) Toys Playful Design Playing Serious Games Gameful Design 4 Kinds of Fun (Nicole Lazzaro)
Easy Fun
Hard Fun
People Fun
Serious Fun 8 Kinds of Fun (Mark LeBlanc)
Submission Mechanics Gamification Elements 1. Constraints
2. Emotions
3. Narrative
4. Progression
5. Relationships 1. Challenges
2. Chance
3. Competition
4. Cooperation
5. Feedback
6. Resource Acquisition
7. Rewards
8. Transactions
9. Turns
10. Win states 1. Achievements
2. Avatars
3. Badges
4. Boss Fights
5. Collections
6. Combat
7. Content Unlocking
8. Gifting
9. Leaderboards
10. Levels
11. Points
12. Quests
13. Social Graph
14. Teams
15. Virtual goods The PBL Triad
Leaderboards SAPS (Zichermann)
• Status
• Access
• Power
• Stuff The Motivational Spectrum:
Relatedness Gamification Design Framework (6D)
1. DEFINE business objectives
2. DELINEATE target behaviors
3. DESCRIBE your players
4. DEVISE activity loops
5. DON’T forget the fun!
6. DEPLOY the appropriate tools Feedback Action Motivation Engagement
Loop Progression Loop Onboarding Climb Rest Climb Rest Climb Rest Flourish (Martin Seligman):
• Positive emotions
• Engagement
• Relationships
• Meaning
• Achievement Citizenship Behaviors
• Altruism
• Conscientousness
• Civic Virtue
• Courtesy
• Sportsmanship Motivation Trigger Ability Fogg Behavior Model B = mat Behavior The Dangers of Gamification Click and zoom around the map to find nuggets of information about the concept of Gamification.

Use left click + drag to move, and your middle mouse button to zoom in and out.

Click the Home icon to reset your orientation and distance. Created by: Brian Tickler
Created on: 10/27/2012 For the Win!
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