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Brian Molko

Research paper on Brian Molko for 2B British Lit

Catie Palermo

on 6 April 2012

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Transcript of Brian Molko

Childhood Brian Molko Brian Molko was born in Brussels, Belgium [1] on December 10, 1972. [2] He was the youngest of three children and traveled a lot because his father was a banker. Brian's father wanted him to be a banker like him but Brian was against it and rebelled with androgony and rock music. [1] The family finally settled in Luxembourg, London after also moving from Belgium to Lebanon to Liberia. [1] Works Cited [1] •http://www.brian-molko.com/index.php/tag/brian-molko/ [2]•http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0596948/bio [3]•http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Molko#Early_life Education Brian Molko attended the European School
of Luxembourg but had to be transferred to the American School of Luxembourg due to excessive bullying.[3] He also attended Goldsmiths College in London. [4] [4] •http://people.famouswhy.com/brian_molko/ Adult Life Childhood 1.Born in Brussels, Belgium on 12/10/1972
2. Younger of two children
3.Father was an International banker
4. Traveled from Belgium to Lebanon to Liberia and finally settled in Luxembourg, London.
5. "I was a very frustrated, lonely and anti-social young man. I felt very alienated and very bored as well." Education Career Adult Life 1. Met bassist Stefan Olsdal in high school but never
talked to him much
2. Met at a train station and Brian asked Stefan to come see his band play; Stefan went
3. Formed the band Astray Heart together in 1995
4. After including Robert Shultzberg as the drummer in the band they changed their name to Placebo
5. Played only five gigs together before getting attention from record companies
6. Signed with Hut records in 1996 and released their self titled debut album, Placebo
7. The band began to open for bigger bands including U2 and the Sex Pistols
8. Robert Shultzberg was having trouble agreeing on things in the band and was replaced with Steve Hewitt.

The band has their own record label called Elevator Music 1. Openly Bisexual
2. 2005- Had a child with photographer
Helena Berg named Cody
3. As of June, 2009 Brian and Helena are
no longer together.
4. Smokes cigarettes and openly admits to
experimenting with other drugs and alcohol. 1. Attended European School of Luxembourg

2. Transferred to American School of Luxembourg
due to excessive bullying

3. Attended Goldsmiths College and graduated
with a degree in drama. Young Brian Molko Brian's School Picture Placebo with old drummer
Steve Hewitt Placebo with new drummer
Steve Forrest Brian Molko with Helena Berg Studio Albums Placebo-1996
Without You I'm Nothing-1998
Black Market Music-2000
Sleeping With Ghosts-2003
Meds- 2006
Battle For The Sun-2009

9. The band later switched to Virgin records and released Without You I'm Nothing
10. Without You I'm Nothing opened up the United States to the band
11. Pure Morning showed on MTV
12. Soon after Placebo recorded a cover of the song 20th Century Boy for the movie Velvet Goldmine, which the band also played in.
13. In 2003 the album Sleeping with Ghosts sold 1.4 million copies and Without You I'm Nothing went platinum
14. In 2005 Brian Molko was named 39th of the 50 sexiest rock singers in Kerrang! Magazine.
15. The band now has six studio albums and EPs and thirty four singles.
16. As of 2007 the band has once again replaced their old drummer Steve Hewitt with Steve Forrest and they have been with five record labels.
17. 2009 the band came out with their sixth studio album Battle For the Sun
18. It is the first album and tour with Placebo for Steve Forrest and it has gone platinum in Germany and France
EPs The Original Demos
Live at Cigale
Extended play 07
Exclusive Session
iTunes Live: London Festival 09
Live at Angkor Wat

Brian Molko with son Cody Molko Trivia Brian Molko recorded the song Bruise Pristine naked

Music video for the Bitter End was
recorded in the biggest Sattelite dish in Europe

The song Commercial for Levi is about a soundman who saved Brian's life when he was drunk

Brian Molko is lactose intolerant

Brian Molko is fluent in French

Played for David Bowie's 50th birthday

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