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Margaux Ratcliff

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Delaware

"The First State" Delaware
In 1624, the Dutch colony of New Netherland was established in modern-day New York. Two years later, a man named Peter Minuit arrived and became governor-general of the colony. After 5 years, he returned to Europe. Then, in 1638, Delaware(then known as New Sweden), was founded when Minuit came back with a group of settlers and established the colony in Delaware Bay. It was named Christina after the Swedish child Queen. New Sweden was a middle and proprietary colony. In 1655, Dutch settlers from New Netherland, led by Peter Stuyvesant, took over New Sweden. Delaware, though, was wanted by many countries. In 1664, the English obtained Delaware, then in 1673 the Dutch reclaimed it for a year before being taken back by the British. In 1682, William Penn, the leader of the Quakers, took control of Delaware. Finally, Delaware became independent in 1701. William Penn- Major Leaders Climate Economy Transportation/Communication Margaux, Mihika, and Marvelysa How Delaware was Founded Major Waterways, Cities, and Landforms A Brief History of Delaware Peter Minuit Delaware's Climate Delaware's climate is temperate and humid. They get around 45 inches of rain per year. It is normally relatively warm, in a range from around 25 degrees in January to 85 degrees in July. They do get some snow, around 15 inches per year. Its a very moderate climate and very nice. However, pollution and human contamination is changing the Delaware from its rich coastal weather, just like other states. The temperatures are increasing more every year, drastically. Climate Effects This climate made the land more suited for farming, with rich, fertile soil. The growing and harvesting season was longer, and winter was milder. They produced a surplus of barley, wheat, rye. This is how Delaware and the other Middle Colonies became the Bread Basket colonies. The Revolutionary War and Independence Delaware was the deciding state in the battle of independence. A man named Caesar Rodney rode his horse from Delaware to Philadelphia through thunderstorms and heat waves just to cast Delaware's vote in favor of independence. Delaware contribted 4,000 men to the war effort, which is alot considering how small Delaware is. William Penn Caesar Rodney's famous ride is shown on the Delaware quarter John Dickinson- Lord de la Warr(Sir Thomas West)- Peter Minuit- Agriculture and Manufaturing are the two main industries of Delaware. Fishing is a major part of agricultue due to the fact that Delaware is located near the sea. In manufacturing, Delaware produces alot of lumber and wood items due to their large supply of forests. Delaware is also known as one of the bread basket colonies, which means that they produced large amounts of grain(epsecially corn and wheat). This is partly because the land is so level only marshland cannot be plowed. Fishing Bread Lumber Led the first group of settlers to the area of the Delaware River and founded New Sweden. Died that same year. Delaware River. Where settlers first landed in 1638. People nowadays use transportation like roads, rail and bus, ferries, and flying by air. There are three ferries that operate in the state of Delaware, and two major railroads. The ferries are able to be used here in Delaware because it is considered a coastal climate here, with lots of water. In the colonial era, transportation was based on the water routes that ran through the colony. Transportation Communication Communication in Delaware throughout the state is mostly modern communication. Major media here also spread information. The Delaware Wave is a newspaper, and radio stations connect with people too. In the colony, the communication was through letters, and news spread much slower than now. Delaware at the time was the only state without newspaper, too. First Governor of the Virginia colony. He influenced Delaware so much that along with naming the state after him, the Delaware Indians, Delaware Bay, and Delaware River were all named after him. William Penn was given Delaware by the Duke of York. His control did not last. Former President of Delaware. Led the Annapolis Convention, which called for a Constitutional Convention. Transportation/Communication
Life expectancy is around 78 right now
Delaware beaches are a major attraction!!
Recreational activites include fishing, swimming boating.
Tourism is a factor in Delaware, for
Many religions
Delawares education is centralized around a state superintendent
The three largest dominant religions are Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Evangelical Protestant.
33% of people are non religious, 33% very religious, and 34% moderatley religous. This is balanced and fair . . Lifestyle Review Ques :) Delaware became independent in ____. 1701 Peter Minuit founded ___ ______. A man named Caesar Rodney rode his horse from Delaware to Philadelphia through thunderstorms and heat waves to____ ___ ______ ____ __ _____ __ ____________. 1701 New Sweden Cast his state's vote in favor of independence. Who was Delaware named after? ____ __ __ ____ Lord de la Warr Major city- good soil for farming; better than New England's for growing seasons. What two main industries does Delaware specialize in?___________ ___ _____________ What is Delaware's general climate?_______ Agriculture and Manufacturing or Lumber and Fishing. moderate, temperate, coastal, humid, warm( all are acceptable) 1701 Lord de la Warr Name Delaware's major City named after Thomas Willing. __________ Wilmington Wilmington was originally named Willington after the local merchant Thomas Willing. They then changed it to Wilmington 8 yrs later. Wilmington Land- Major waterway-
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