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Absolutism and the Reign of Louis XIV: The Sun King

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D'Jon Wilson

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of Absolutism and the Reign of Louis XIV: The Sun King

Absolute Monarchy: France, Louis XIV
The Reign of Louis XIV: The Sun King
What is absolutism ?
Absolutism or absolute monarchy is a monarchical form of government; meaning there is a king or queen in power. The absolute means that king or queen in power answers to absolutely no one. With exception to maybe a trusted appointed council.
Un Roi, Une Loi, Une Foi
The above heading was the motto of the young King Louis XIV. Don't worry I have the translation. In English it means One king, one law, one faith. Which is exactly how he ruled. King Louis had advisors but made sure he had the final word and it was law.
King Louis the 14th
King Louis the 14th for those who aren't familiar with roman numerals,was son of King Louis 13th and Anne of Austria (France's Chief Minister)
The Sun King though?
Before he was of age to rule as King, Louis was a ballet dancer and most known for his perfomance as the "Sun God" Apollo. hence his desire to be the center of universe that was his kingdom.
Perfect use of Absolutism
King Louis XIV used his power to do everything in his power to strengthen his power. He sold political chairs in office to pay for wars, he levied taxes and gave tax brakes to those who served him a greater purpose. He took power from powerful nobles.
So What happened???
Every great Kindom rises and falls eventually and thats exactly what happened.
The French Revolution happened🀔
Inevitably the way King Louis XIV structured his kingdom with no political figures paying taxes and similiar actions there were reprocussion most notable was the French Revolution.
Still one of the most well known
For all of his antics and practices the Sun King is still one of the most well known in history even portrayed in a movie by Leonardo DeCaprio
The man in the Iron Mask ( Great Movie by the way)
King Louis XIV: The best at Absolutism
Numerous ways Louis XIV attempted to consolidate his power.
Did not appoint first minister (he made is own final decisions. No one could veto him)
Created "Robe Nobles", sold political titles (created his own source of revenue.)
Established "The Code Louis" standardized laws for the whole French nation.
Stopped the Huguenots from practicing any religion other than catholic which also gave the monarch more power.
Focus Question: In your opinion what are the pros and cons of absolutism? Do you agree with the Son King?
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