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Element Project on Antimony

No description

Katlyn Bailey

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Element Project on Antimony

Element Project
By: Katie Bailey This element has been around for
thousand of years, we know this
because it was used by the Egypy-
ians in their make-up. History Of The Element: The primary use for Antimony is to harden and smooth
batteries. This is because antimony can be used as a hardening substance. Uses For Antimony Antimony in it's metal form is considered to be less toxic. Health Problems caused
by Antimony And
now... The name of Antimony comes
from the Greeks. The prefix "anti"
and the affix, "mono," means
"not alone." It was given because
it's barely ever found be-
cause it's usually com-
bind with other
elements It's also used for machinery bearings because it's hard enough and it's not slippery as other hard metals are. Continued... It's also used as a flame
retardant for plastics,
rubbers, and tectiles, but
it's only used in it's
secondary form,
Antimony trioxide. However, Antimony in its
other form is considered
to be highly toxic. Exposed to it in a sort amount of time doesn't aggitate you as much as it would if you were exposed for a long time. You would get irritation in your eyes, lungs, and on your skin. One interesting thing about Antimony is that the Egyptains used it in eye make-up. Interesting facts Element: Antimony
Symbol: Sb
Atomic Number: 51
Atomic Mass: 121.76
Number of Protons: 51
Number of Neutrons: 51
Number of Electrons: 71 Anitmony has been heavily leaked to infant death syndrome physical properties Antimony has a color of silvery-white that resembles metal. It has a hard, flaky-surface that can be scratched by glass. However it can be made into a black powder. Melthing Point: 630°C
Boiling Point: 1,635°C
Density: 6.68g per cubic cm. It's a metalloid. CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Doesn't react with air, cold water, or with cold acids, however there are some acceptations. It does react with hotter liquids though. Antimony is found with other elements. It's rare to find it by itself. NaturaL element "Antimony." Chemicool Periodic Table. Chemicool.com. 03 March 2012. Web. 9/24/12 Cites sorted Finished
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