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Android Project

A creation of an Android application for GVSU CS621.

Shai Levit

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Android Project

My Android Application What is it about? it is based for capturing Patient Information
by associating a patient picture with their data
Data can contain a multitude of fields,
(including Names, DOB, Medications, etc.)
What should it do? allow to snap a picture and store it
allow to view all pictures in grid format
allow to select a picture and display all information
allow to query database to see all patients
and all their pertinent data
allow (if possible) select the patient from the queried DB
and show their picture
Allow to enter / delet / edit database Are we ready for the Code?
well... how about some concepts first There are many ways to skin this cat. And there are a few concepts to remember - and not all so boiler-plate jargon. This is what I learned so far The basic concepts

Create your main first screen
with buttons that will invoke other screens.

Each screen must have a complementary Java file
as well as an XML file to view the item

Buttons must be identified and if they are to
invoke another screen, a connection must be made
via the Manifest, as well as the ClickListener
event in the Java code (Java file)

Button identity created in the layout, must be
associated and identified in the Strings folder The not so Basic

Each field must be appropriately identified, Meaning text, Int, date, etc.

When creating THE DATABASE, you have to remeber to give permission in the manifest for acccess, same holds true for other applications such as the camera.

If you want to change the icon of your program, there are 3 different sizes you have to adhere to and each folder will contain the icon of that size - located in the res folder (drawable). Ok... now to my screen shots
and my attempted application So lets hack some bad code So that wasd the Plan
the path and the issues

Thanks for your time
and suggestions!
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