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Metaphysics and Edcucation

No description

Young Kim

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of Metaphysics and Edcucation

Metaphysics and Edcucation
형이 상학의 영향이란 우주론, 신학, 인류학, 존재론적 관점들과, ontological aspects of Metaphics 사회와 종교, 정치, 경제, 과학적 믿음과 실천에 영향을 주고 있음을 지적하고 있다.

왜 그런가?

인간론을 생각해 보자..... 인간이란 존재는 어떤 존재인가?
형이상학이 중요한것은 인간은 형이상학적 질문에서 피할수 없기 때문이다.
There is no escape from metaphysical decisions..............

Education cannot escape the realm of metaphysics also....... 왜그런가?
God creates human being with His image.
Man always has a question about being and doing.

metapysical beliefs relates to the nature of ultimate reality, the existence of God, the role of God in human affire, nature and beings as God's children.....
Education is to learn metaphysics due to requesting of human nature.
Metaphysics, the issue of ultimate reality, is central to any concept of education because it is important that the educational program of the school be based upon fact and reality rather than fancy, illusion, or imagination.

생각해 보자: 형이상학은 긍극적 실재를 다루는 학문이며 교육에서 가장 중심부를 차지하는 교육 program .......
Metaphysical Question
by Young J Kim
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