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Kevin Hart


The Best

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Kevin made guest appearances
at Undeclared and class of ‘06 He was working as a shoe
salesman in Philadelphia,
he later decided to do stand up
at a local comedy club’s amateur night.
He was a success. Kevin has now came out with
another standup “Laugh at my pain” and is soon going to come out with a new stand up "Let Me Explain" He is a graduate of
George Washington High School.
. In his life he had some great
accomplishments including
he won a Platinum Mic Viewers Choice Awards,
but his greatest is when he married
his wife Torrie in 2003. His recent movies as of 04’ includes
Little Fockers, Soul Plane, Let Go,
Think like a man, and
The five year engagement. Kevin Hart He did stand up comedy at
Montreal Comedy Festival that led
to his first moves such as Paper Soldiers,
Scary Movie , and along came Polly Kevin Hart attended
Temple University for 2 years. In the movie Think like a Man Kevin Hart starred as Cedric, a man that was happily divorced and soon realized that he wanted to be in his oncie and cuttled. Their marriage was great at first, they had two kids Heaven and his son Hendrix.Kevin Hart soon divorced his wife in 2011. Kevin Hart had many accomplishments in his career and did what he wanted to do sense he was a little boy. He has done a lot in his career and is still preforming as a comedian. Works Citied

1."Kevin Hart (Personal Life, Wife, Kids, Career)." Kevin Hart Biography!Personal Life, Wife, Kids, Career of Kevin Hart! N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. http://www.bestcomedyonline.net/comedian-biographies/kevin-hart-personal-life-wife-kids-career
2."Kevin Hart Bio." Kevin Hart Biography and Filmography. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. <http://www.tribute.ca/people/kevin-hart/11435/>. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
on July 6, 1978.
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