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Silent Hill

No description

Guillermo Avila

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Silent Hill

Silent Hill Rose wanders the empty streets of Silent Hill looking for her daughter and instead encounters wailing demons. Rose then meets a woman named Dahlia Gillespie who speaks of her own daughter, Alessa, who was abused by the townspeople and, upon seeing a photo of Sharon in the locket around Rose's neck, claims that Sharon is Alessa. Rose returns to her car and runs into Cybil, who arrests her. As they head back to the road out of the city, they discover that the road is cut by a huge fracture, so they pair up to search the town. Cybil allows herself to be captured by the townspeople in order for Rose to escape and descend into the hospital basement. As they they drive near the town, she is pursued by police officer Cybil Bennett. A child appears in the road, causing Rose to swerve and crash the car, knocking herself unconscious. When she awakens, Sharon is missing, while fog and falling ash covers the town of Silent Hill. Rose Da Silva is troubled that her adopted daughter Sharon sleepwalks and tries to kill herself. While still sleeping she speaks of a place called Silent Hill and Rose is determined to take her there. While Cybil is attacked by a handless demon, Rose sees it as an advantage to run away to Midwich Elementary school where Sharon might be hiding. While in Midwich the town starts to turn hellish once more, and Rose is then attacked by Pyramid Head but she is saved by Cybil. After fleeing Midwich Rose and Cybil go to the Grand Hotel where then she meets Anna, a supposed local of the town. While traveling deeper into the hotel, Rose finds a secret room behind a painting that is burnt up. In there she finds a little girl who looks like Sharon, and she engulfs herself in flames. Shortly after the town siren rings once more, Anna tells them its time to leave and takes them to the Church where Anna is then killed by Pyramid Head. Rose is now confronted by whats left of the towns people. After the darkness ceases, Rose convinces their "leader" Christabella to take her to the demon that can help her find her daughter. Rose and Cybil are then taken to a hospital and there, Christabella also sees the photo of Sharon in Rose's locket and, seeing the likeness between Sharon and Alessa, condemns Rose and Cybil as witches. Rose then finds her way through the hospital but is blocked by nurses, but prevails through them to the room behind. In the room Rose sees the Burned Alessa and meets the Dark Alessa. She shows Rose the truth about the town through a vision and asks her to help get revenge on the town. Rose accepts and she enters Rose's body. Rose then returns to the Church when she sees the cult try to burn Sharon. Upon hearing the truth Christabella stabs rose through the heart and the Darkness comes through her blood. Alessa then kills Christabella along with the rest of the church while saving Rose and Sharon. But she spares her troubled mother Dahlia for she forgives her. They then discover that the abyss and the fracture is gone, allowing them to leave Silent Hill, while Dahlia stays behind. Christopher then wakes up just as Rose and Sharon return home, but they arrive in the foggy, Silent Hill version of the home. And while Christopher rises up, he sees that it is raining outside, meaning that Rose and Sharon are still trapped in the Silent Hill dimension.
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