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Reading Pitches

A basic introduction to reading pitches on the treble clef staff

Alex Burton

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Reading Pitches

When you look at written music,
what do you see?
It is like reading a secret code.
Want to learn the code?
It all begins with
The Music Staff
The music staff has
5 lines and 4 spaces
When a treble clef is on the staff...
The lines are
The spaces are
The notes run alphabetically up the staff
Each note is on a line or a space
Hey, the letters in the
spaces spell a word!

The lines are not quite
as easy to remember.
Try this mnemonic sentence...
Can you think of any others?
Every Good Burger Deserves Fries
Elvis's Guitar Broke Down Friday
Empty Garbage Before Dad Freaks
Every Great Butler Dusts Furniture
Exterminate Giant Bugs, Don't Flinch
For more practice, visit
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