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Method Acting - Psychological

No description

Blake Taft

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Method Acting - Psychological

Psychological Impacts of Method Acting By: Blake Taft Impacts Famous Examples Success Through Method! Works Cited Marilyn Monroe Heath Ledger Emotional Fatigue Psychological Effects Method Acting Stanislavski vs. Strasberg Stanislavski System What is Method Acting? A style of acting developed by Lee Strasberg, drawling upon the teachings of Stanislavski's Emotional Memory.
The Actor "becomes" the Character. Stanislavski System encompasses a more restrained acting style, where the actor is simply relating to the character.
Strasberg Method focuses on making the character one with the actor through Stanislavski's Emotional Memory. Emotional Fatigue
Sleep Deprivation
Personality Changes
Psychotic Disorders Played the insane character "The Joker" in The Dark Knight.
During the month before shooting, Ledger reportedly locked himself in his appartment for the entire month.
Refused to respond to anything other than "Joker"
The drug he overdosed on was Ambien, for his inability to sleep. Usually associated with Surface Acting
If Method Acting is employed successfully, Emotional Fatigue should be minimal. Spent over 3 months with Stansberg learning Method Acting in private.
Took several classes from the Actors Studio. Hagen, U. & Frankel, H. (1973). Respect for acting. New York: Macmillan.
Metcalf, J.T. (1931). Empathy and the actor’s emotion. The Journal of Social Psychology, 2(2), 235-239.
Staggs, Sam. When Blanche Met Brando: A Scandalous Story of "A Streetcar Named Desire". Macmillan, 2006.
Lealos. “10 Best Method Actors.” Break Media. N.p. Web. 2010
A system of acting that uses the internal emotions of the actor to portray characters on stage.
Uses both the "Emotional Memory" and the "Magic If" complex. Vivien Leigh Played Blanche Du Boise with Method Acting.
Remarked in an interview her performance of Blanche "Tipped me into madness."
Also stated, "I think it lead to my nervous breakdown later."
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