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Mercy Otis Waren: A Woman of the Revolution

No description

Kaylee Ashby

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Mercy Otis Waren: A Woman of the Revolution

Mercy Otis Waren
"It may be a mistake, that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy." Mercy Otis Waren
"She is an excellent writer. If she were man, she would have written the Declaration of Independence!" Thomas Jefferson
The Beginning
Born on: September 14, 1728
Had all boy siblings, so she was the only girl in her family
What she did
Was a Patriot writer; convinced people to be a patriot through writing plays, poems, etc.
It worked! :D
Thanks So Much!

By: Emily S. and Kaylee D.
What She Wrote About
Wrote to Abigail Adams about being treated unfairly
Wrote plays that would offend loyalists:
said how taxes were unfair
can't pay for British goods
Better off on our own
Mercy Otis Warren
"Conscience of the American Revolution"
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