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em jay

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of marketing

INNER STRENGTH “If you simply talk about price and quality
to prospects you are just delivering the products”

Selling is all about creatively offering a given product/service

Selling has evolved with changes in Marketing Concepts What is Selling? “Happiness is Contagious” Customer Loyalty Chain “A life without goals is nothing more than a series of Monday Mornings ” Start Dreaming “A salesman minus enthusiasm is just a clerk” Start with Inner Strength “People buy if they feel they are going to lose something by not buying, than in anticipation of the benefits they will enjoy”

Types of Needs

Money, security, being liked, prestige, health, recognition, power, love and companionship, personal growth, personal transformation. Why People Buy PRESTIGE

Freud's Theory

Ask questions

Take control

Find out motivators (Herzberg’s Theory)

Map it with your best feature

Keep hitting it Hit the “HOT BUTTON” WASHING MACHINE You all have
10 seconds to guess different use of following products lets be creative “What customers see is all about how you show them”

Improve your offering

Take feedback from your existing customers.

Identify more and more benefits of your products

It helps to spread “Word of Mouth”

Tap your “noncustomers” to increase share-penetration index Think Different Know Your Buyers the PSYCHOLOGY
SELLING “ Make a sale, which itself makes a resale possible”

Confirm ability to make decision

Don’t hesitate to close the sale Approach Close “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

Well dressed and Groomed

Positive body language

Pleasant place

Friendly and relaxed situation

Build credibility Power of Suggestion “A message kick-starts the buying decision process”

Use preferred language

Message should make the prospect curious

Structure your presentation

Different channels of communication for different prospects Different Messages for Different prospects Let me introduce my
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