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The Fall of Troy

Greek soldiers give Trojan soldiers a trojan horse to try and get the queen's liking again. What the Trojans don't know is the Greeks are hiding in the horse. Pyrrus goes to the palace of Priam, king of Troy, and kill him.

Ashlin Beck

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy Greek soldiers are angry that Troy has won the battle. They give the Tojans a wooden horse to win back the gratitude of princess Pallas. While the Greek soldiers are fighting,Pyrrhus goes to the palace and kills Priam, King of Troy. A Trojan man tries to convence the men to throw out the horse. Noone listens to him. Greek soldiers are hidden in the belly of the horse waiting for the Trojans to go to sleep and attack. The Trojans do decide to check the belly, but before they can cut it open the Greeks bust out, starting a new war! Written by:Virgil
Translated by:Robert Fitzgerald After Priam's death, his spirit leads Polites and his family to a safe place away from danger where years later they establish Rome. Helen of Troy Written by:Sara Teasdale Setting/Genre: The story takes place in Troy and the story is historical non-fiction. Main Characters:Priam, Pyrrhus, Polites, Ulyssus Protagonist/Antagonist: Priam; Pyrrhus Conflict/Complication:The King of Troy is killed and noone knows what to do. Point of veiw: The story is told by Polites, Priam's son. When Priam is killed, Helen goes into mourning. After mourning for several years she decides she too wants her life to end. When thinking this through she decides that her life is important and she can't just throw it away. Helen now thinks she will live on so that she is able to defeat Greece once again. She beleives all men think she is a "godess" and she's all they think about so therefore that is her weakness against them. Background:This story is written in 1911. It's daybreak right after the Greeks have defeated the Trojans. In the story, Helen is looking at the city and looking back at her life. Setting/Genre:The setting is in Troy in the 1860's after the defeat by the Greeks. It's historical non-fiction. Background:This story is written between 30 and 19 B.C. Characters:The only character in this is Helen herself. Conflict:Helen thinks she needs to end her life because her king has died and she wants it to be her instead. Point of veiw:The story is told by Helen's perspective. To Helen By: Edgar Allan Poe Background:This story is written in 1827. Some think it's about Helen's beauty and a tribute to her, but others think it's about a woman that Poe had once seen that reminded him of her. Noone knows for sure! Point of veiw:Poe is the narrator and he tells of a woman's beauty compared to the land of Troy. Setting:The setting isn't really shown in this peice. Characters:The woman Poe is talking about. Conflict:How Poe can explain this woman's beauty. The theme of all three of the stories is, sometimes we have to overcome things we may not always like but we have to do it and get over it.
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