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Panic Disorders with Agoraphobia

Abnormal Psychology Case Study

Erika Hietpas

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Panic Disorders with Agoraphobia

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia By:
Erika Hietpas
Ben Keigley
Jacob Czarnecki Real Life Story Case Study: Dennis Holt Predispositions for Developing Panic Disorder Symptoms and Problem Behaviors Who was Impacted? Why did Dennis seek treatment? Diagnosis Treatment Future Denis' ex-wife Mary Denis' co-workers Family friends Elaine Elaine persuaded him Department store shopping Symptoms he was experiencing Self-conscious GI issues Coping strategies Decreased anxiety Healthier/happier life 31 years old Divorced Successful insurance salesman Only child No family history of adjustment problems Poor relationship with father Shy child but had many friends Test anxiety in college Self-conscious about eating in public Apprehensive in crowded places Relationship challenges Blurry vision
Hands trembled
Body weakness
Chest pressure
Shortness of breath
Dry mouth GI problems
Severe Headaches Generalized anxiety
Panic Attacks Medication Xanex: lower anxiety
Pros: relaxed feelings, improved GI disress
Cons: drowsiness/lightheadedness, drug dependence Coping Strategies
Relaxation training and cognitive restructuring
Reprogram the brain
Exposure therapy
Ability to predict panic attack
Log of tension level before/after sessions
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