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My portfolio by Taylor Mapstone

No description

Taylor Mapstone

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of My portfolio by Taylor Mapstone

Programs used

In this project Mr. Phan told us to chose a landscape and draw it. The goal of this assignment was to learn how to use photoshop and for us to get used to the setup of everything. He also wanted us to learn how to use all the tools and see how important layers are.

Step 1
First you open Photoshop and click file "new" and switch the pixels to 700 by 1000.
Step 2
Then you unlock the background layer by double clicking image 1 and then click 'ok' on image 2
step 3
Create a new layer using the new layer icon.
step 4
You can change the settings, like brush type and brush size, in the properties bar and you can change the color by choosing the color picker

step 6
You can delete something by pressing edit step backwards.
My portfolio
Taylor Mapstone
8th grade
I play soccer
september 23, 2014

google images
google drive
This is the original landscape I chose to draw.

Open two pictures in photoshop by pressing control and clicking on the photo you want.
step 1:
Unlock the background layer
Step 2:
You can start to delete the background with the magic wand which is an eraser
Step 3:
If you need to bring something back you can hold down option and erase
Step 4:
Step 5:
If you want to de-select something press command + D
Step 6:
If you need to change the eraser setting go to the properties bar and you can change it to a soft eraser and hard eraser. Also you can change the opacity of the eraser

step 1: Open your picture in photoshop and unlock the background layer

Description: Mr.Phan told us to take two pictures and photoshop them together. We had to have it make people think its real.

Goal: Mr.Phan wanted us to learn all the tools and learn how to use photoshop and make it look real.

Step 2: Copy your image and go to image adjustments and hue and saturation and desaturate the picture
Step 3: Then put the mask on the picture which will hide the color

Step 4: Use the brush on black to make the color come back
Step 5: In the properties bar you can change the size and hardness of the brush
Step 6: If you zoom in and zoom out it helps with drawing on the lines
Step 2:
Put mask on your picture so you so you can hide the edges you don’t want there
Step 3:
You can zoom in and zoom out to help you get all the edges
Step 4:
Use black with the brush to make the color go away and if you need it to come use the brush and white
Step 5:You can use the properties bar to change the settings of the brush
Step 1:
Unlock the background
Color change
You can change the color by choosing the color picker
Step 5:
If you mess up and want gray to show up again then use the brush on white
Step 4:

Description: Mr.Phan wanted us to choose a picture and change the color of a picture.

Goal: Mr.Phan wanted us to learn how to use gradients and hue and saturation

Mr. Phan wanted us to take the saturation out of a picture and then add it to only certain spots.

Mr. Phan wanted us to learn about saturation and masks in photoshop.
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