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20 Step LiveWell Creation

how to create a livewell in 20 steps.

Elizabeth Loveland

on 2 April 2010

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Transcript of 20 Step LiveWell Creation

How to build a Livewell in 20 Steps.

MIDN Patterson
MIDN Loveland
Goal Statement: This procedure is intended to thoroughly explain
how to gather materials for and build a functioning
Livewell. What is a Livewell? A livewell is a compartment on a fishing
boat designed to keep fish alive, usually by
use of an aeration system. Materials & Equipment 25 gallon plastic barrel
-Discarded commercial laundry detergent container
-$5.00 purchase price
Three Brass hinges
-Estimated $3.00 per hinge
800 gallon per hour bilge pump
-Estimated $45.00
Water filter
-Estimated $30.00
Extra filter cartridges
-Estimated $10.00 per cartridge
3 feet of 1" PVC Pipe
-Estimated $1.00 per foot
Materials, Cont. 1 inch valve
-Estimated $4.00
6 feet of 1 inch of clear, flexible plastic tubing
-Estimated $2.00 per foot
4 feet of electric wire and cigarette lighter
adapter plug.
-Estimated $10.00
- 1 inch PVC pipe fittings and hose clamps
~Estimated $20.00 Equipment Needed Hack saw
Marine or plumbing glue (will not dissolve in water)
Brass hinge screws
Industrial Drill (Phillips' head attachment)
Batteries not needed, you will connect well to boat
power supply.
Major Stages of Procedure Phase 1- Gathering and Preparing Materials

Phase 2- Pump assembly

Phase 3- Attachment of pump to barrel

Phase 4- Test phase Duration of the Procedure Gathering materials: Approximately 20 minutes
Pump assembly: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Attachment of pump and assembly of container:
~30 minutes to assemble
-Marine/Pumbing glue must dry for 24 hours

Overall duration of procedure:
-1hr.-75minutes for assembly
-24 hours to dry Step-by-step Procedure: Phase 1- Step 1: Gather materials. Step 3: Cut half moon shaped hatchway in top of barrel. Step 4: Attach hatchway to top of barrel with 3 brass hinges. Phase 2- Step 1: Fabricate spray nozzle by cutting 1/16" slot
across face of a blind end pipe fitting. Step 2: Connect spray nozzle to 6" length of pipe. Step 5: Connect spray pipe assembly to discharge port of filter. Step 6: Connect PVC pipe tee to valve Phase 3- Step 1: Attach pump to barrel using 4 screws. Step 2: Feed electric wire through top of barrel and connect to bilge pump. Step 3: Attach 6" length of pipe to 90deg elbow PVC pipe. Step 4: Connect PVC elbow to 12" length of pipe. Step 7: Connect PVC pipe tee and valve to 5' flexible tubing. Step 9: To ensure water-tight integrity in tubes, place extra glue
around PVC pipe fittings. Step 5: Anchor brass hinges to barrel using 2'x2" scrap piece of wood. Phase 4- Step 1-Fill barrel half full with water. Step 2-Plug in adapter to provide power to submerged bilge pump. Step 3-If pump circulates water properly, go fishing. Step 8: Attach 5' flexible tubing to bilge pump. Step 2: Thoroughly rinse inside of detergent barrel to ensure
no remaining detergent remains. Step 3: Open filter and ensure filter cartridge is properly in place. CAUTION: IF PRODUCT IS NOT RINSED THOROUGHLY, FISH WILL DIE. Step 1 and 4 Steps 1,2, and 3 Steps 3 and 5 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3 Step 5 Step 4 Step 4 Steps 5 and 6 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 and 8 Step 7 Step 8 Step 2
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